2,000 hopeless Russians with no money or flights in Cancun

There are 2,000 desperate Russians in Cancun, as they have no money or flights to return to their country.

2,000 hopeless Russians with no money or flights in Cancun
The despair of 2,000 Russians with no money or flights in Cancun. Photo by Ehimetalor Akhere Unuabona / Unsplash

In Cancun, there are 2 thousand desperate Russians, because they have neither money nor flights to return to their country. The war that Russia has declared against Ukraine has caused blockades at all levels, so travelers have their credit cards canceled and their currency has no value outside Russia.

To this is added the cancellation of return flights, since there is no longer any airline that connects with their country and for the moment there is nothing planned, except for the few humanitarian flights that Aeroflot has made with planes that do not have financial charges to avoid embargoes, as reported by Preferente.

According to the Russian embassy, the tourists have nothing to pay for their hotel with, since Visa or Master Card cards do not recognize their accounts. "Our flight from Cancun to Moscow on Tuesday, March 31, was canceled. The embassy has no information about future flights. Our cards are blocked. We have no more money than what we had exchanged and still have left. Rescue flights must be organized, it is necessary not only for us but for other Russians who lived here."

The Russian organization, Rostourism which is in charge of the return flights said they might have a rescue flight on March 25, which will not be enough and has not yet been confirmed. The Rostourism website will inform about these flights. Likewise, Dmitry Gorin, vice-president of Russian tour operators, said that there is a flight planned for these countries, but they must organize so that there are no obstacles.

In addition to the fact that people are waiting for what happens, the restrictions imposed by the countries of the European Union on Russia will have an impact on the increase of prices of some services and products.

The war between Russia and Ukraine will have an impact on tourism in Mexico. Arsuaga stated that this impact will be reflected in the sector's activity throughout the year, as it will affect the demand of European tourists' trips to the country and perhaps that of North Americans themselves.