Riviera San Marcos boosts residential development in Guerrero

With the support of the Government of Guerrero, the main beneficiaries will be the residents of the municipality of San Marcos Guerrero.

Riviera San Marcos boosts residential development in Guerrero
Riviera San Marcos, a $2.3 billion dollar tourism project in Guerrero, is being planned. Photo: San Marcos Gro; Tierra Bendita de Dios.

After a 17-year wait, this 2022, with an investment that will exceed 2.3 billion dollars, Riviera San Marcos will be built in Acapulco, Guerrero, a wellness tourism real estate project located in the state's Costa Chica, which will generate 19,000 direct jobs and 45,000 indirect jobs.

The investors participating in the project are Proyecta, Questro, and Mercatus, plus others that are joining to be part of this complex that will be consolidated into almost 4 thousand hectares in an area that has 43 kilometers of beach.

The director of the Tourist Promoter of the Government of Guerrero (Protur), José Luis González de la Vega Otero, in an interview with En Concreto indicated that this is the union of efforts to concretize in the present Government of Guerrero, Riviera San Marcos that has projected the installation of hotel forms with great ecological vocation, intelligent cities with low environmental impact, shopping centers, schools, hospitals, golf courses, eco-tourism parks, and an extraordinary sports infrastructure.

"With the support of the Government of the State of Guerrero, the main beneficiaries will be the inhabitants of the municipality of San Marcos Guerrero, since, among other investment projects, there will be the construction of large public beach parks that will be operated by people from the surrounding towns, which will help to considerably reduce the existing poverty in the area, as well as to reinforce the security of the area, the inhabitants themselves will be the ones to take care of their sources of income, which will surely materialize in the success we need so much," he said.

He was confident that in the third or fourth year of Evelyn Salgado's administration, it will be installed; as well as a boutique hotel because Grupo Peninsula has bet a lot on Guerrero and Acapulco and is looking for the developments to have a wastewater treatment plant.

"For the first time in Mexico and the world, we are going to integrate the population so that they are not only our employees that they are our associates, we are going to provide these large beach parks that will have a minimum of five hectares and 200 meters of beachfront with all the services so that national tourism can have direct and free access to all these beauties that we are going to develop so that we can cohabit peacefully, They, as they are going to be our associates, are going to prevent organized crime from penetrating our destinations, they are going to protect us because they are protecting themselves," he said.

"We are breaking with the classic steps to the beach that exists in Acapulco, which are dreary alleys that are unsafe, antigenic, to give dignity to those who are dedicated to the provision of tourist services," said the directors of the development company.

San Marcos is located 40 kilometers from Acapulco's airport.