Red Hot Chili Peppers drummer Chad Smith rents his house in Los Cabos

Check out how much it costs to spend the night in the house of one of the members of one of the most famous rock bands Red Hot Chili Peppers.

Red Hot Chili Peppers drummer Chad Smith rents his house in Los Cabos
Drummer of Red Hot Chili Peppers rents his house in Los Cabos. Image: Airbnb

One of the main objectives of every traveler is to get lodging at a good price without overlooking the comfort, some choose the experience, and others more eccentric, the luxury. The advantage is that now with hotel and exclusive home-booking applications the market has been growing. Some people have a property and decide to rent the place for days, weeks, and even months.

But if we are talking about eccentricities, some celebrities and celebrities also have spaces for people to enjoy in different parts of the world. One case that caught our attention is that of Chad Smith, drummer of Red Hot Chili Peppers since one of his properties is available on Airbnb, but that's not the best part, it's in Cabo San Lucas. For all the fans of the band, this could turn out to be the best travel experience.

Who wouldn't want to host Chad Smith, although this is almost impossible, as the musician is not in Mexico, as he currently lives in Los Angeles, California? However, being able to rent one of his properties is one of the great possibilities that exist and if you travel to Los Cabos, it is an excellent opportunity to get to know Smith's good taste.

In addition, the municipality of Los Cabos is one of the favorites of national and international tourists, it has many beaches, as well as the bay of Cabo San Lucas that houses El Medano, one of the most popular beaches for locals.

If you add to all this the fact that you can stay at Chad Smith's mansion by the sea, it would be a paradisiacal experience. If pools are your thing, this property has a private pool with a view of the Sea of Cortez. The mansion has a privileged location, according to some comments from those who have already stayed here.

Parking and internet will not be a problem, it has a kitchen, dining room, and bathrooms, the rooms are luxurious, there are five beds available, but it has a restriction so that only eight people can stay. Although for its price you will surely want to be accompanied by those other 7 people, the night costs 718 USD, something like 14,918 Mexican pesos.