Try rappelling, scuba diving, and canyoneering in Mexico

Fun and adventure tourism are especially popular in Veracruz, Chiapas, and San Luis Potos. These three states provide a variety of exciting opportunities for anyone seeking excitement.

Try rappelling, scuba diving, and canyoneering in Mexico
Go paddling at Tamul Waterfalls in Aquismón, San Luis Potosi. Credit: Sectur

Veracruz, Chiapas, and San Luis Potosi are some of the most popular tourist destinations in Mexico. These three states have plenty of opportunities to get your heart racing. Waterfalls at high altitudes for kayakers and swift rivers for rafters—these places are made for extreme sports.


Xico is characterized by its waterfalls surrounded by coffee plantations and exotic orchids. At the 30-meter-high Tomata waterfall, extreme kayakers wait for the force of the waters to run through the rivers. Another site for kayaking or sailing is Casitas, in Costa Esmeralda, and the Filobobos River. For climbing, there is the Pico de Orizaba.


You can go rafting on the Lacanja River, one of the scenic routes where you can paddle between waterfalls and make water jumps. You can also visit archaeological sites in the Lacanjá-Chansayab community.

San Luis Potosi

The Huasteca Potosi has the Tamul, Micos, and Minas Viejas waterfalls, where you can practice rafting, rappelling, and Stand Up Paddle in Huichihuayan or the Cascada del Toro. Diving in the thermal spring at Rio Verde is another attraction.

Other  states for climbing, paddling and jumping from heights


Attractions: Copper Canyon.
Activities: Walking on suspension bridges, rappelling, mountain biking, horseback riding, seven zip lines, and access to a small suspension bridge.


Attractions: Cerros de la Víbora, la Campana, la Tortuga, and the Jungapeo River Canyon, Sierra Chincua.
Activities: Climbing, biking, paddling. Surfing at Playa Jardin or Barra de Pichi.


Attractions: Huatulco Bay, Zipolite, Puerto Escondido, San Miguel Amatlán, in Ixtlán.
Activities: Combined canyoning, rock jumping, rock climbing, rappelling, surfing, and mountain biking.

Tips to survive the adrenaline

Research weather conditions, access points, level of difficulty, and dangers.

Take with you what you need: a first aid kit, batteries, lamps, sunblock, and insect repellent.

Avoid jeans and opt for light clothing. Wear closed boots or sneakers.

Use adequate equipment and avoid exploring at night in places that are difficult to access or that you do not know.

Avoid carrying large suitcases, opt for small backpacks, since access to ecotourism centers is mostly by boat or dirt roads.

According to the Adventure Travel Trade Association, 40 percent of tourists choose Chiapas when it comes to adventure tourism.