The REAL Queen of the South, the Guatemalan Marllory Chacon

The real Queen of the South ran a drug trafficking organization that moved cocaine from Guatemala to the United States through deals with Colombian and Mexican drug cartels.

The REAL Queen of the South, the Guatemalan Marllory Chacon
The real Queen of the South. Image: Agencies

The Guatemalan Marllory Chacon, La Reina del Sur, or Queen of the South, who in 2015 was sentenced in the United States to 12 years in prison for drug trafficking, is already released on bail in South Florida, according to an investigation by the Hispanic network Univisión.  Marllory Dadiana Chacón Rossell, 47, was released from jail "thanks to the fact that she managed to reduce her sentence by collaborating with the United States government."

"First, she faced 26 years in prison for drug trafficking and money laundering charges, but she managed to get her sentence reduced to 12 years, then got her to leave her in five and is now free on bail," the network said.

Chacón led a drug trafficking organization that moved cocaine from Guatemala to the United States through business with drug cartels in Colombia and Mexico. Her nickname coincides with the title of a novel by Spanish writer Arturo Pérez Reverte and that of a television series performed by the Mexican actor Kate del Castillo, who will resume the character starting on April 22, the date on which the second episode begins in the United States. season.

However, it is believed that both the novel and the series are inspired by the Mexican Sandra Ávila Beltrán, the woman who, for many years, controlled the passage of drugs from South America to the United States and was nicknamed not the Queen of the South, but The Queen of the Pacific.

Queen of the South
Kate del Castillo returns with the second season of the Queen of the South. Photo: Telemundo

Kate del Castillo as the Queen of the South

After eight years after premiering the first season of the Queen of the South - "La Reina del Sur", Kate del Castillo returns to the small screen with the most iconic character of her career: the drug trafficker Teresa Mendoza. The story of Teresa Mendoza returned to the screens, but this time she has to rescue her daughter from the clutches of Epifanio Vargas. The second season of the Telemundo series will come to an end in July.

In this second installment, the Mexican had to return to the world of drug trafficking due to the obligation of her former enemy who seeks to become President of Mexico, but at her expense, since she has to fulfill a mission and thus be able to kill two birds one shot. Teresa Mendoza will have to infiltrate the poster of Zurdo Villa, the number one enemy of Epifanio Vargas. The woman will have to finish him off so that the candidate for the presidency will fulfill his goal and be able to rescue his daughter.

"It has been very difficult to return to her. I had a lot of nerves because she is such a beloved and expected character. After so much time, I did not know how 'Teresa' spoke, but they barely said action and I connected. I have enjoyed it like crazy, but I also feel pressured, "said the actress in September, when she shot the second part of the story.

In the plot, Teresa lives in Italian Tuscany with the name of Maria Dantés, away from the world of drugs and under the protection of the program of protected witnesses of the US government, which she could resort to after politically sinking the Mexican presidential candidate Epifanio Vargas. Teresa Mendoza is the antihero of history, without studies and bad manners, but loved by the public despite making the biggest mistakes.

"La Reina del Sur" is based on the homonymous novel by Spanish writer Arturo Pérez-Reverte. Adapted by the Venezuelan writers Roberto Stopello and Valentina Párraga, it began its first season on February 18, 2011, with an investment of 10 million dollars. The plot focuses on Teresa Mendoza, a Mexican born in Sinaloa who moves to live in Spain, where she is involved in the networks of smuggling and drug trafficking; in that process, her life, desires, illusions, and love are shown.

In 2011, Kate del Castillo said she had read Perez-Reverte's book when it went on sale in 2002, and knowing that she would take it to television, she pursued the character until she won it.

"The day Patricio Wills called me, I could not believe it and I had absolutely nothing to think about, obviously, I was going to say yes. She is a woman who knew how to survive in a world of men, she is worthy, she does not contradict herself and does nothing that humiliates her. Teresa assumed her responsibility and her faults. She survived all the deaths of the people she wanted and she was left alone. Yes, it kills people, but it's completely justified."

A few days ago, the protagonist of films like "The same moon", a 2008 film, and "Colosio: The murder", a feature film of 2012, promised that in the new cycle the public will see much more of it and did not skimp on details. The first chapter will be full of adrenaline and will leave the spectator without respite, especially for the spectacular scenes that take place in Italy, one of the eight countries in which it has been recorded.

Women likely see Teresa as an icon of women's empowerment, as she will defend her positions and will not allow anyone to humiliate her, much less now that she has a nine-year-old daughter, which is logically the most important of his life. "The Queen of the South" became an international phenomenon in its first season and a breakthrough in the way of making soap operas, to the extent that after its success came the so-called narco series as "The Lord of the Skies", "Lady Acero "and" El Chema ", to name a few.

Although Teresa Mendoza is away from drug trafficking and enjoys life with her daughter Sofía, whom she trains for situations in danger, old and new enemies appear, who kidnaps the girl, so she must dig up the past to confront them.