Reinforced Air Connectivity Aims to Soar Between Vallarta and McAllen

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Reinforced Air Connectivity Aims to Soar Between Vallarta and McAllen
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Welcome to Puerto Vallarta News! Today, we've got a mix of good news, bad news, and downright stinky news. Let's get started!

First up, the Tianguis Turístico is in town, and they're looking to reinforce air connectivity between Vallarta and McAllen. We all know that Puerto Vallarta is a hot destination for tourists, so let's hope this reinforcement will make it even easier for people to get here!

Unfortunately, the municipal government isn't setting a great example when it comes to keeping the streets clean. It turns out they've been discharging sewage onto Mexico Avenue. Yuck! We hope they can clean up their act soon.

In other transportation news, users are asking UnibusPV drivers to be kinder and more prudent. We all know how important it is to have safe and respectful drivers, so let's hope they listen to these demands.

On a more positive note, Vallarta recently hosted the National Congress of Clinical Chemists. It's great to see our city hosting important events like this!

However, some drivers are having trouble getting around due to a storm drain that needs to be replaced at the La Lija intersection. Hopefully, the authorities will take notice and fix the issue soon.

Unfortunately, some national tourists are experiencing alleged discrimination by cab drivers. This is unacceptable and needs to be addressed immediately. We hope everyone can feel welcome and safe when they visit Puerto Vallarta.

In economic news, gas prices in Vallarta have reached their lowest point of the year, which is great for those who rely on gas cylinders.

And finally, things are looking pretty trashy on the Ameca Bridge, with garbage accumulating including plastic, weeds, and cardboard. It's time for the authorities to step up and clean up this mess! That's all for today's Puerto Vallarta News. We hope to see you again soon!