Ameca Bridge in Puerto Vallarta Drowns in Trash Trouble

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Ameca Bridge in Puerto Vallarta Drowns in Trash Trouble
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Greetings, folks! We are bringing you the latest news from Puerto Vallarta. Today, we have a mixed bag of news ranging from environmental issues to bureaucratic hurdles. So, let's dive in!

Our first story takes us to the Ameca Bridge, where garbage has been accumulating, causing quite a stink (literally). Plastic, weeds, and cardboard are the culprits behind this mess, and it seems like the authorities are yet to take any action. Come on, people! Let's not wait for a bridge to collapse before we clean up our act.

Next up, we have some frustrated businessmen urging the government to speed up the paperwork process for opening businesses. It's a classic case of "one step forward, two steps back," and it's not just hurting the entrepreneurs, but the economy as a whole. Let's hope the authorities hear their plea and get the ball rolling.

Now, for a blast from the past, in February 2022, experts arrived in Puerto Vallarta to work on a water treatment plant imported from Israel. However, it seems like Seapal (the local water utility) has been hiding invoices related to this project. Hmm, what could they be hiding? We'll keep you posted as we uncover more details.

On a lighter note, there's a new donkey sculpture in town, and it's set to be installed in Olas Altas. Yes, you heard it right, a donkey sculpture. We're not sure why, but we're intrigued. Keep an eye out for this whimsical addition to Malecon's second section.

And finally, we have a bit of political drama with the city council failing to comply with the Verificación Responsable (a vehicle verification program). Except for DIF (the municipal family development agency), none of the authorities have followed the rules. Congressman Bruno Blancas is not happy about this and has voiced his opposition to the verification center. Will the council listen? Only time will tell.

That's all for now, folks! Stay tuned for more news from Puerto Vallarta, your favorite coastal paradise.