Profeco Ensures Tasty and Safe Eateries in Vallarta

Discover today's Puerto Vallarta news: Verificentro blockade impacts productivity; tourism unaffected; Unique Registry of Pets; SEAPAL fixes ruptured discharge; Profeco inspects restaurants; tragic incidents; umbrella invasion; and efforts to combat exploitation.

Profeco Ensures Tasty and Safe Eateries in Vallarta
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Puerto Vallarta, a popular tourist destination, faced a major roadblock today as demonstrators held a nearly five-hour blockade against the Verificentro, a vehicle emissions testing center. Business owners expressed their concerns about the blockade's impact on productivity in the region. Despite the unrest, Vallarta's tourism remained unaffected, as the city successfully participated in the Seatrade Cruise Global 2023 event.

In response to the blockade, protestors have requested support from the State Human Rights Commission (CEDHJ) and the National Guard. The demonstration was marked by protestors holding banners against the Verificentro, which will continue to operate despite the opposition.

In other news, Vallarta's aldermen will analyze the creation of a Unique Registry of Pets to help manage and control the pet population. Additionally, the city's water management agency, SEAPAL, attended to a ruptured discharge on Francisco Villa Avenue, working to repair the damage quickly.

The Federal Consumer Protection Agency (Profeco) made its presence known as it inspected restaurants across the city during Holy Week and Easter. A total of 34 complaints were attended to, ensuring the safety and satisfaction of both tourists and locals.

Tragedy struck a Vallarta bank when a security guard allegedly killed a teenager inside the establishment. The case is under investigation, and further details are pending.

The beach umbrella invasion continues as Vallarta's shores are increasingly saturated with rentals. Local authorities will be contacting the Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources (Semarnat) to request a limit on the number of permits issued for beach umbrella rentals.

A man died in a tragic accident after falling from a bridge while visiting the popular destinations of Las Juntas and Los Veranos.

Lastly, Vallarta, along with 10 other municipalities in Jalisco, has joined forces to combat child sexual exploitation and labor exploitation in the region. This concerted effort aims to protect vulnerable populations and uphold human rights.