Puerto Vallarta Shines with High Human Development Index

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Puerto Vallarta Shines with High Human Development Index
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Puerto Vallarta boasts a high human development index, according to a report released by the Institute of Information Statistics and Geography (IIEG). The report highlights the city's commitment to creating a high standard of living for its residents. Despite this, some neighborhoods in Vallarta are facing issues such as a water leak in the Jardines neighborhood. The leak, which has been ongoing for 15 days, has prompted neighbors to ask for a repair.

On a positive note, the Association of Mexican Businesswomen (AMEXME) recently recognized the altruistic work of Mrs. Eva Contreras, who has dedicated her life to serving her community. Meanwhile, Galerias Vallarta is hosting an event called "Wellbeing for Women," aimed at empowering and promoting wellness among women in the community.

As the city commemorates the legacy of Don Benito Juarez Garcia, local businessmen are discussing the importance of security and promotion in Puerto Vallarta. They have identified these as key issues that need to be addressed by the administration, as there will be no new works for Vallarta by the end of the current six-year term, according to Sedatu.

Finally, the festivities of the Risen Christ in El Pitillal are coming to an end this Thursday, and the Crecento Group has assured residents that its developments comply with regulations.