Puerto Vallarta Requires Booze Shops to Educate with Sex Ed Displays

Stay up-to-date on the latest news from Puerto Vallarta, including SEAPAL Vallarta's completion of interconnection works, the upcoming "megapuente" crowds at restaurants and hotels, and Governor Enrique Alfaro's visit and emphasis on verification.

Puerto Vallarta Requires Booze Shops to Educate with Sex Ed Displays
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In Puerto Vallarta, recent news has focused on a variety of topics affecting the community. At a commission session, the decision was made to require alcoholic beverage outlets to display sex education content. This move is aimed at increasing awareness and education surrounding sexual health.

SEAPAL Vallarta, the city's water and sewer authority, has also been in the news. Workers successfully concluded interconnection works for Well 5 Ixtapa, ensuring continued access to clean water for residents and visitors alike. However, the municipalization of SEAPAL Vallarta has been a source of controversy, with some denouncing the Jalisco government for irregularities in the process.

Tourists on Puerto Vallarta's beaches will have plenty of options for dining and lodging during the upcoming "megapuente," or extended holiday weekend. Restaurants and hotels are expected to be crowded with visitors.

In other news, citizens have been demonstrating against the governor's visit to the city. During his working tour, Governor Enrique Alfaro emphasized the importance of verification, stating that there is no turning back and that residents must comply with the process. The Verificentro Vallarta, which provides vehicle emissions testing, has been a point of contention for local businessmen who maintain their rejection of the verification but warn of the obligation to pay for it.

The poor repair of storm drains in Las Juntas has also been a concern, with vehicles being affected by flooding due to inadequate stormwater intakes.

Amidst these varied issues, SEAPAL Vallarta continues to work on interconnecting pipelines and improving infrastructure to ensure the safety and well-being of residents and visitors.