Puerto Vallarta expedites immigration procedures

To speed up entrance procedures for international visitors, the International Airport of Puerto Vallarta got rid of the Multiple Migratory Format (FMM).

Puerto Vallarta expedites immigration procedures
Immigration processes in Puerto Vallarta are streamlined. Photo by yousef alfuhigi / Unsplash

The International Airport of Puerto Vallarta eliminated the Multiple Migratory Format (FMM) in order to reduce the entry time of international tourists arriving at this destination.

With this measure, visitors arriving in Puerto Vallarta will no longer have to present this in printed or digital format, since they will be able to stamp their passports through a more agile process, which will allow them to pass the immigration filter in an average of 10 minutes, and it is expected that the times will decrease gradually.

Currently, this airport has around 20 immigration agents and 14 filters, which allows speeding up the process with this new format implemented in the air terminal.

So far this year, Puerto Vallarta has received an average of 1,106,550 international passengers and has consolidated its position as one of the air terminals with the best infrastructure nationwide.

As part of the National Migration Institute's (INM) plans, this format will no longer be used for international travelers as of August 1. This is meant to cut down on wait times at the airport and make things easier for users.