Day of the Dead celebrations will be big in Puerto Vallarta

From October 27th to November 5th, a variety of exciting events have been planned in Puerto Vallarta, including a charro procession, a pyro-musical show, and a large catrina that is expected to break a Guinness Record.

Day of the Dead celebrations will be big in Puerto Vallarta
The Day of the Dead will be celebrated in a major way in Puerto Vallarta. Photo by Angela Wolz / Unsplash

The "Day of the Dead Festival," to be held from October 27th to November 5th, will once again fill Puerto Vallarta with color, aromas, flavors, and a distinctly Mexican tradition. This is one of Mexico's most important traditions, honored by the residents of Vallarta and appreciated by visitors, for which an appealing program has been developed.

The celebration will go off on Thursday, October 27th, near the Malecon Lighthouse, where a tent will be put up for various activities. A saxophonist and Grupo Uno will perform on the first day, and the main event will be the lighting of a massive catrina, which will set a Guinness World Record.

The exhibition "Death Before Your Eyes in Puerto Vallarta" of the Itinerant Museum of Mummies of the municipality of Encarnación de Daz will be launched at the La Lija Cultural Center on Saturday, September 29th.

On Monday, the Cuauhtémoc Folkloric Ballet and 'Aladin and the Wonderful Lamp' from the Adopt-a-Dancer Social Project will be performed at Los Arcos del Malecón's open-air theater. Furthermore, the Ixtapa Delegation will hold their live altars and catrinas competition.

On Tuesday, November 1, there will be more cultural activities in the Arcos del Malecón, including a group of singing students and musicians playing Latin instruments, as well as a contest of altars and living catrinas at the Delegation of Las Palmas.

For the ceremony on Wednesday, November 2, there will be a parade of charros personified on their horses. Historical evolution of the Day of the Dead spectacle and a musical of La Llorona with Guadalajara tenors will be performed at the Malecon Lighthouse. In addition, the enormous catrina will be measured and the Guinness World Record will be presented, and the day will conclude with a video mapping projection and a magnificent pyro-musical show.

The Xiutla Folkloric Ballet, the Ma Dance Studio presentation, and a living catrina contest will be performed at Los Arcos del Malecón on Thursday, November 3. On Friday, November 4, there will be a rhythmic gymnastics exhibition and a performance of the Adopt-a-Dancer Social Project's Coco Show on the same stage.

From the first day of activity, there will be altars in the Municipal Palace's outer hallways, catrinas on palm trees, and enormous skulls and decorations along the Malecon. Similarly, the enormous catrina constructed last year will be relocated to El Pitillal's main square, and another large catrina will be installed at Marina Vallarta.

The festival will conclude on Saturday, November 5 with a musical performance at the Malecon Lighthouse.