The Puerto Vallarta Botanical Garden in Jalisco, Mexico

Among the most beautiful botanical gardens in North America, the Vallarta Botanical Garden is once again the third most beautiful, an achievement that has become a tradition every year that this competition is held.

The Puerto Vallarta Botanical Garden in Jalisco, Mexico
Flowers in The Puerto Vallarta Botanical Garden. Photo: Vallarta Botanical Garden

The Vallarta Botanical Garden is once again positioned as the third most beautiful Botanical Garden in all of North America, an achievement that has become a tradition during each year that this competition is held.

According to the results of the USA Today newspaper, this year the first place went to the Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden of Florida, the second place to the Cincinnati Zoo Botanical Garden, the third place to the Vallarta Botanical Garden, and the fourth place to the Huntsville Botanical Garden.

USA Today considered one of the most important media in the United States, is the site in charge of this contest that selects the 10 most beautiful Botanical Gardens in North America.

Undoubtedly, this Eden of nature generates great memories in those who visit, leaving a high impact that is reflected in this competition. "The two gardens that were above us are located in major metropolitan areas, with millions of people. We are proud to represent Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco, and all of Mexico by receiving this recognition" highlighted Robert Price, founder of the Vallarta Botanical Garden.

"It is excellent news that the Vallarta Botanical Garden has once again made it to the top of this competition, given that it benefits the entire destination, since it puts Puerto Vallarta in the spotlight of international travelers, mainly Americans who are so important to us and who are always looking for innovative and captivating experiences", assured Luis Villaseñor, Director of the Public Trust for the Promotion and Tourist Publicity of Puerto Vallarta.

The Puerto Vallarta Botanical Garden is a non-profit organization founded in 2004 to reproduce, study, discover, conserve, and exhibit plants native to Mexico and the rest of the world. This natural space is home to a vast diversity of Mexican plant species, including an incredible orchid collection, considered the most visited in Mexico.

The garden contains four greenhouses displaying local and exotic flowers from around the world as well as vanilla, chocolate, and coffee. It also has for all its visitors a museum, a rock collection, and a population of hummingbirds and other wild birds.

Puerto Vallarta continues to be a national and international reference, becoming the favorite tourist destination to live pleasant experiences among natural landscapes that can only be found here, its authentic hospitable essence, among many other benefits that make the green pearl of the Mexican Pacific unique.