AMLO Sets New Stage, Challenges Journalists, and Advocates for Judicial Purge

In his Morning Conference, President AMLO discusses democracy, challenges journalists, calls for a judicial purge, and updates on priority projects. Catch up on the latest news from Mexico's dynamic political landscape.

AMLO Sets New Stage, Challenges Journalists, and Advocates for Judicial Purge
President AMLO passionately addresses the media during the Morning Conference, emphasizing the need for democratic principles and transparency in governance.

In a lively Morning Conference held on Wednesday, President Andrés Manuel López Obrador (AMLO) shared details about his recent meeting with the counselors of the National Electoral Institute (INE). Emphasizing the need to avoid using democracy as a mere facade, he declared, "Never again 'kratos' (power) without 'demos' (people), that's all."

AMLO acknowledged that the current stage of his administration might be disconcerting for some public figures and media personalities, such as Carlos Loret de Mola. He issued a challenge to journalist and writer Jorge Ramos, stating that since Ramos responded to his comments, he would take the opportunity to inquire about Ramos' income and affiliations.

"They are very upset, but they must understand that we are living in a new stage. In many cases, it is even for their benefit. It's just that they are obsessed, and I understand them because they had the privilege of being in charge," AMLO pointed out.

Moving on to the judiciary, AMLO stressed the urgent need for a purge within the judicial branch. Although five out of the eleven ministers have shown support or sympathy for his transformation project, he believes that loyalty should always be to the people and just causes.

Expressing concerns about the Judicial Power, AMLO remarked, "It has not served any purpose," highlighting a case where a judge ordered the release of an alleged murderer and granted the prison officer only an hour to execute the release. AMLO called upon public servants to act independently and not become employees of the oligarchy. He proposed future reforms to allow the people to elect members of the Court through popular vote.

Shifting gears to the reform of the National Guard, AMLO explained that when constitutional amendments are unattainable due to a lack of a qualified majority, reforms can still be made through a simple majority. He criticized the conservative bloc for challenging the reform that placed the National Guard under the control of the National Defense Secretariat (Sedena). Mockingly, he stated, "Suddenly they are worried about militarism... they are hypocrites, cretins."

AMLO mentioned that he spoke with each of the five ministers who supported the transformation to explain the significance of the National Guard. However, he expressed disappointment that three of the four ministers he proposed to the Court had already been acting against the transformation, rendering the purpose of the National Guard under Sedena ineffective.

In another significant development, the highest court in the country, the Supreme Court of Justice of the Nation (SCJN), is set to resolve a case involving Gustavo Cárdenas Fuentes. Cárdenas Fuentes, who is linked to various companies receiving public contracts during the previous administration, is being prosecuted for his alleged involvement in torture. The SCJN will decide whether Cárdenas Fuentes can be exempt from paying taxes totaling over 163 million pesos.

During the Conference, AMLO expressed his concern regarding Minister Luis María Aguilar's change of criteria, accusing him of belonging to the conservative block. AMLO questioned whether Aguilar's recent drafts and proposals were aimed at favoring Cárdenas Fuentes. The President raised suspicions about previous resolutions being carried out without proper disclosure.

Following his meeting with the extended Cabinet, AMLO shared that most members would conclude their terms alongside him as the head of the Federal Executive. He acknowledged that around eight members of his team would be participating in federal and local electoral processes, which he deemed respectable.

In other news, authorities provided updates on various priority hydraulic projects across the country. These projects aim to address pollution issues, and water shortages, and improve water supply for different regions. Notable projects include the "Healthy Water for the Lagoon" initiative in the Comarca Lagunera, the construction of the Benito Juárez Water Treatment Plant in Tabasco, and works in Villahermosa and Paso Largo, among others.

Furthermore, Ana Elizabeth García Vilchis, spokesperson for the report "Who's Who in the Lies of the Week," debunked claims made by several media outlets. She clarified that the Federal Electricity Commission (CFE) did not observe an increase in energy consumption due to the elimination of daylight saving time. Additionally, she denied allegations that food supplies destined for Turkey were sold within the country, as suggested by journalist Pamela Cerdeira to discredit the government.

As the Morning Conference concluded, it became evident that AMLO's administration continues to face challenges and criticism. However, the President remains steadfast in his vision for transformative change and his commitment to putting the interests of the people first.