Pesqueria Goes From Sleepy Town After Industrial Crown

Pesqueria, Mexico's emerging industrial capital! Led by visionary Mayor Patricio Lozano, it sheds limitations, welcomes investments, & builds critical infrastructure. A powerhouse of growth and sustainability!

Pesqueria Goes From Sleepy Town After Industrial Crown
Net International Trade in Pesquería. Image: Economia

In a bold move that signals a significant shift in its economic trajectory, the Municipality of Pesqueria is positioning itself as the new industrial capital of Nuevo León and all of Mexico. Led by the visionary Mayor, Patricio Lozano, Pesqueria is shedding its limitations for new company installations and is actively seeking to attract foreign direct investments (FDI) to fuel its ambitious growth.

The catalyst for this transformation was the announcement of Ternium's massive 3.2 billion dollar investment and the creation of 1,800 jobs in the region. The ripple effect of this high-profile investment also caught the attention of the Governor, who pledged support for critical infrastructure projects to facilitate industrial growth. One of the most crucial initiatives is the construction of an 18-kilometer double-lane beltway that will connect Pesqueria with neighboring Juarez, with further links to Ruiz Cortines Avenue and the Periferico. This strategic road network will enhance connectivity and enable the municipality to handle the increased volume of goods and services associated with industrial activities.

A year ago, Pesqueria faced a critical challenge—the lack of adequate resources for essential infrastructure such as roads, healthcare, security, and other public services. This posed a significant risk to the sustained boom in foreign direct investments that the municipality had enjoyed over the past decade, which included housing companies like the Kia assembly plant and the Ternium steel company. In response to these concerns, Mayor Patricio Lozano spearheaded the Municipal Urban Development Program 2022-2042. The program aimed to optimize the allocation of land for industrial use by 72 percent and called for greater contributions from landowners, industrial developers, the Federation, and the state government to fund public infrastructure development.

Now, as the Congruency Report of the Municipal Development Plan nears its conclusion, Pesqueria is poised to embrace all incoming industrial investments with open arms. The comprehensive plan in place considers critical aspects such as transportation logistics, including the entrances, exits, and internal roads of the municipality. This foresight ensures that the smooth movement of goods and services remains uninterrupted, further enhancing the attractiveness of Pesqueria for businesses looking to establish or expand their operations.

An additional key factor contributing to Pesqueria's allure is its role as a significant electricity generator for Nuevo León, responsible for powering 48 percent of the state's consumption. This energy advantage not only attracts new industrial parks, but also positions Pesqueria as a potential hub for clean energy projects based on renewable sources. The pursuit of such eco-friendly initiatives reflects the municipality's commitment to sustainable and responsible industrialization.

The journey towards becoming Mexico's industrial capital has been both ambitious and challenging for Pesqueria. However, through the proactive efforts of its forward-thinking Mayor and the collaborative support of the federal and state governments, the municipality is now on the cusp of realizing its grand vision. As the Congruency Report sets the course for the next 15 to 20 years, Pesqueria's future shines bright as an economic powerhouse driving innovation, job creation, and sustainable growth for the region and the nation.

In conclusion, Pesqueria's transformation from a municipality facing infrastructure challenges to an emerging industrial capital is a testament to the power of visionary leadership and strategic planning. With its comprehensive development plan, robust infrastructure projects, and focus on sustainability, Pesqueria is well-positioned to attract new investments and strengthen its position as a key player in Mexico's economic landscape. As the municipality sets its sights on the future, the nation watches with anticipation to witness the realization of Pesqueria's potential as the thriving heartbeat of Mexico's industrial growth.