Watch: Pervert is filmed stealing panties in Cancun

Through a Facebook group, a young man denounced the way an alleged panty thief operates in Cancun, the victim turned out to be his mother.

Watch: Pervert is filmed stealing panties in Cancun
A young man shared on video the moment in which his mother's panties are stolen in Cancun.

A young man denounced through a Facebook group the way an alleged panty thief operates, the victim turned out to be his mother. Everything was recorded in a security video and the situation became known through social networks in Cancun.

"Good afternoon neighbors of Paseos del Mar, this guy just went up to the building to steal my mother's underwear, please be careful," wrote the user son of the victim. In the video, you can see the behavior of this character who likes to take clothes that do not belong to him.

The Cancun underwear thief

It all happened around 4:40 p.m., when a guy dressed in blue jeans, white sports suspenders, and a black cap, climbs up the stairs of the third floor of the building. All along the hallway and stairs, sheets and clothes are spread out, even though it is an area of common use for at least four other families.

The man walks directly to where the intimate garments are hanging from the laundry and unhooks them to then put them in the backpack he is carrying, moves stealthily, and goes down the stairs, however, all this action was recorded and was quickly shared on social networks.

Outdoor clotheslines and common areas

Paseos del Mar is one of the most inhabited subdivisions in Cancun, the peculiar form of construction allows that in each building there are between 12 to 16 apartments, so many people come and go at all hours. The apartments lack patios or places to hang clothes, so many families choose to use the stairs, the sales, the fences, the green areas, and even the soccer fields.

A few weeks ago a controversy arose because supposedly a group of 150 religious women called Por La Moral in Quintana Roo sought to generate a law proposal to prevent the hanging of underwear on clotheslines and to avoid inciting infidelity.

Source: La Verdad Noticias