Paracetamor in the Boxing Ring vs Arigameplays

Paracetamor will be Arigameplays' rival in the boxing ring in the event called La Gran Velada 2 or Great Evening of the Year 2. This is who she is.

Paracetamor in the Boxing Ring vs Arigameplays
Streamer Paracetamor ready for 'La Gran Velada 2', a Spanish Boxing Event. Photo: Paracetamor

To the surprise of many, Arigameplays will step into the boxing ring in an event that brings together different streamers. Who are Paracetamor and her rival in La Gran Velada 2 (or Great Evening of the Year 2)? The aforementioned event is organized by the popular Spanish content creator Ibai Llanos and, now in its second edition promises a lot of emotions.

The first time the streamer's project took place, it was a real success, gathering hundreds of thousands of spectators and even Marca media carried the coverage of the fights. Now, in the Gran Velada 2, the Mexican streamer Arigameplays, who boasted a great physical change, will fight against Paracetamor on June 25, 2022.

Paracetamor, Arigameplays' opponent

Of Spanish origin, Paracetamor is a streamer and influencer with a long time working in the world of video games, especially League of Legends. In her content, even though she is recognized as a fervent fan of LoL, Paracetamor has also been allowed to try her hand at other video games such as the renowned Fortnite.

Her Twitch channel, in which she has been doing live broadcasts for more than six years, has more than half a million followers, a community that continues to grow over time. In addition, Paracetamor, Arigameplays' next rival, has more than 274 thousand followers on Instagram, which makes her one of the most important figures in the Iberian country.