Oxxo Gas vs. Total - Who's Winning the Pump Wars?

AMLO's morning conference highlighted consumer affairs, Mayan Train progress, no new nuclear plants, peace efforts in the Russia-Ukraine conflict, missing persons census, reduced poverty, and infrastructure projects. The President advocated for judicial reform and transparency.

Oxxo Gas vs. Total - Who's Winning the Pump Wars?
President AMLO addresses the nation during the morning conference, providing updates on key issues and government initiatives.

The morning conference led by President Andrés Manuel López Obrador (AMLO) commenced at the National Palace. Key officials presented various reports on topics ranging from consumer affairs to infrastructure development and international relations.

Consumer Affairs Report by Profeco

Ricardo Sheffield, Federal Consumer Attorney, announced a tax incentive of 44.6% for the IEPS (Impuesto Especial sobre Producción y Servicios) on regular gasoline and 25.2% on premium gasoline. The most expensive gas stations were identified as Oxxo Gas and Petro 7, while the cheapest ones were Total, BP, and ExxonMobil.

LP Gas was reported at 19.36 cents per kilo, slightly above the national average of 16.05 cents per kilo in 220 regions. Sheffield highlighted that all 875 verifications were compliant with maximum prices, aiming to ensure fair practices for consumers.

Mayan Train Update

Javier May Rodríguez, head of Fonatur, presented details on the Mayan Train project. The train will span 1,554 kilometers, with 20 stations and 500 million trees reforested. The Mayan Train will use a combination of electric power and diesel. The construction of the last two trains is underway at the Alstom plant, with plans for their completion in August. The Mayan Train is expected to be inaugurated in December 2023.

The train will contribute to energy efficiency, reduced emissions, and less noise. The initiative also includes electrified depots in Merida, Cancun, and Chetumal, which will help power the trains and promote sustainable development in the region and the country.

Nuclear Energy and Mexico's Energy Plans

AMLO clarified that there are no plans to create more nuclear power plants in Mexico. The existing plant is functioning safely and generating sufficient energy. The focus is on avoiding speculation and ensuring sufficient energy capacity. The President emphasized the commitment to clean energy, mentioning the largest photovoltaic plant in Sonora and trials in Baja California Sur to harness green energy.

Mexico's Position on the Russia-Ukraine Conflict

Regarding the Russia-Ukraine conflict, AMLO expressed the government's willingness to participate in seeking peace if both parties agree and convene for that purpose. He highlighted the human cost of armed conflicts and proposed Pope Francis, the Prime Minister of India, and the Secretary-General of the United Nations as mediators for peace talks.

Judicial Reform and Human Rights

AMLO stressed the need for greater democratic participation and transparency in the judiciary. He suggested that judges, magistrates, and ministers should be elected by the people to combat corruption and ensure true democracy. He acknowledged the importance of addressing corruption within the judiciary and emphasized the government's commitment to human rights.

Inegi Results and Poverty Reduction

AMLO celebrated the reduction of impoverished and social inequality as per the Inegi (National Institute of Statistics and Geography) data. He attributed the success to pro-poor policies and Mexican humanism. The President also mentioned the GDP growth rate for the first half of the year at 3.6%.

Mexican Woman Missing in Germany

Regarding a missing Mexican woman in Germany, the President informed that Chancellor Alicia Bárcena will attend to the matter, and they will explore cooperation with the President of Germany to help locate the missing person.

Mining Concessions and Tax Compliance

AMLO clarified that mining concessions are not being granted as before, and many are being returned due to non-payment of taxes. He explained that past concessions were misused for financial speculation rather than mining. He assured that they are addressing land grabbing and ensuring compliance with tax regulations.

Census of Missing Persons

The Mexican government is conducting a census of missing persons and has found that some individuals previously listed as missing are alive and with their families. The President expressed satisfaction with the progress and expected the census to be completed in three months.

Murder of a Businessman and Bus Driver on Autopista del Sol

AMLO reported on the recent homicides on the Autopista del Sol, where a businessman and his son were killed, along with a bus driver who may have witnessed the incident. Authorities are actively investigating the cases.

Infrastructure Development

The President updated on various infrastructure projects, including the Texcoco Lake project, which will create an ecological park, the progress on the Mayan Train, and aqueduct and irrigation projects.

Throughout the conference, AMLO emphasized the government's commitment to transparency, democracy, and combating corruption. He also expressed dissatisfaction with media manipulation and stressed the need for fair and accurate reporting.