Oxxo Gas vs. Total - Who's Winning the Pump Wars?

AMLO's morning conference highlighted consumer affairs, Mayan Train progress, no new nuclear plants, peace efforts in the Russia-Ukraine conflict, missing persons census, reduced poverty, and infrastructure projects. The President advocated for judicial reform and transparency.

Oxxo Gas vs. Total - Who's Winning the Pump Wars?
President AMLO addresses the nation during the morning conference, providing updates on key issues and government initiatives.

The morning conference led by President Andrés Manuel López Obrador (AMLO) commenced at the National Palace. Key officials presented various reports on topics ranging from consumer affairs to infrastructure development and international relations.

Consumer Affairs Report by Profeco

Ricardo Sheffield, Federal Consumer Attorney, announced a tax incentive of 44.6% for the IEPS (Impuesto Especial sobre Producción y Servicios) on regular gasoline and 25.2% on premium gasoline. The most expensive gas stations were identified as Oxxo Gas and Petro 7, while the cheapest ones were Total, BP, and ExxonMobil.

LP Gas was reported at 19.36 cents per kilo, slightly above the national average of 16.05 cents per kilo in 220 regions. Sheffield highlighted that all 875 verifications were compliant with maximum prices, aiming to ensure fair practices for consumers.