Nuevo Nayarit beach closed due to crocodile presence

The Nuevo Nayarit beach was closed by personnel from the Secretariat of Security after they detected the presence of crocodiles in the water.

Nuevo Nayarit beach closed due to crocodile presence
Due to the presence of crocodiles, Nuevo Nayarit beach is closed. Photo: Citizen Protection and Firefighters of Nayarit

The Secretariat of Security and Citizen Protection of Nayarit informed that as of this Thursday and until further notice the entrance to Nuevo Nayarit Beach, in the municipality of Bahía de Banderas, is suspended due to the presence of crocodiles.

In a message published on social networks, the agency said that the purple flag will remain, "indicating that access to aquatic activities is suspended due to the presence of harmful fauna".

Due to its soil and type of climate, it is normal for crocodiles from other natural environments also present in the state to enter Nayarit's beaches. So far, other species have entered the sea in Nayarit.

At the end of March, the beaches of Guayabitos and Los Ayala, municipality of Compostela, were closed due to the presence of moray eels; and in May, jellyfish were detected in Las Islitas and Brujas, municipality of San Blas.

Given the crocodiles that can be seen from the shore of the beach, extreme caution was requested.

"The harmful fauna are crocodiles that are found inside the sea area. Bathers are asked to exercise extreme caution and comply with the warnings issued by Citizen Protection."

Crocodiles in Nayarit

Located in the heart of the mangrove swamp, in the "Quelele", next to the Flamingos Golf Club, is located the Crocodile Sanctuary, "El Cora", a natural space that has been renovated with more experiences and services for locals and visitors in the Riviera Nayarit.

This place is an Environmental Management Unit authorized by the Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources (Semarnat), which performs protection, species conservation, environmental education, and ecotourism.

The tour to the Crocodile Sanctuary "El Cora" is family-friendly, and suitable for children as young as 4 years old who are ready to interact with nature, where they will be able to observe this variety of crocodiles.