Aguascalientes will host the "North America Automotive B2B Meeting", the most important business forum in Mexico for the automotive and auto parts industry, which will be held at the Ficotrece Complex from November 17 to 18. The event expects to hold more than 1,200 business appointments with a potential value of more than 2.5 billion dollars, through meetings between more than one hundred international buyers and local suppliers from Aguascalientes, the Bajío region and all of Mexico that aspire to join the automotive industry supply chain.

"North America Automotive B2B Meeting" is organized by the Government of the State of Aguascalientes, the National Auto Parts Industry (INA), the Motor & Equipment Manufacturers Association of the United States (MEMA), the Automotive Manufacturers Association of Canada (APMA), and the Chain of Industry Suppliers in Mexico (CAPIM).

Through the platform, purchasing companies have uploaded their purchasing requirements, which can be consulted by local companies to explore possible commercial relationships. Through this format, aspiring companies register their production profile, and buyers can review their information and, based on this, set up business appointments for the month of November.

The event also includes an exhibition area where more than one hundred local SMEs will be able to show buyers their products offer. The program also includes conferences on manufacturing, quality, foreign trade, T-MEC, among others. The business forum addresses the need to increase the value of regional content in the production of automobiles in order to access the benefits of the T-MEC.

The objective of the event is to enrich the link between second-tier suppliers and first-tier suppliers so that the former can generate business. It is estimated that the event will generate an economic benefit of more than 700 million pesos due to the tourist impact of the business forum alone.