Netflix is present in 65% of the households in Latin America

Netflix is the most popular streaming platform for Latin American series and films. According to a Business Bureau study, Netflix accounts for 65% of households that use the Internet to play this type of content in Latin America.

All about the major streaming services in Mexico. Photo: Pixabay
All about the major streaming services in Mexico. Photo: Pixabay

The study reveals that this preference is given by the possibility of having multiple profiles and that each one manages to his or her liking the content he or she wants to see. It also values the free trial period, something that is gradually disappearing in several countries (in Argentina it is no longer available).

The Business Bureau also revealed that users spend 11 hours or more per week watching series or movies on Netflix. Netflix surpasses open TV (4 hours) and cable TV (7 hours).

Beyond this, the traditional television has a card to stay afloat before the growth of the options of streaming: the possibility of transmitting events live and direct.

The question now is whether it can be maintained. In short, Netflix will have a lot of competition among which Disney+, Apple TV+ and HBO MAX stand out.

By Mexicanist

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Netflix relies on productions made in Mexico

Exclusively for, Reed Hastings, CEO, and founder of Netflix revealed his interest in continuing to work on productions within Mexico.

The businessman said he has confidence in the productions he has made in the country. Hastings visited Mexico and participated in the event Mexico Siglo XXI, Telmex Telcel foundation.

Rome was an excellent film by Alfonso Cuarón. We were very fortunate to work with him. I think those are the things we can do at Netflix when there is an authentic story that is popular in Mexico, we can make a worldwide distribution.

Hastings also pointed out that the key to success is clinging to an idea.

It's about being stubborn, sticking to an idea and not letting it go. Every successful person has had difficulties, but they are stubborn.

The founder of Netflix revealed to more than 10,000 Mexican students at the Auditorio Nacional that the two people who inspired him are Microsoft founder Bill Gates and Grupo Carso's lifetime president, engineer Carlos Slim Helú.

Bill Gates and Carlos Slim are highly commercially successful people and then identified how to help the world do their fortunes, rather than build castles.

The stakes of Netflix and Blim TV

Streaming services are the way to broadcast content, today's audience loves to enjoy series, movies, and documentaries in different media, whether a smartphone, laptop, computer or television connected to the Internet.

The two main streaming services in Mexico, Netflix, and Blim made announcements to improve their services and demonstrate the stakes that they have in this medium and in the country.

First, during the Mexico XXI Century, event of Telmex Telcel Foundation where 10 thousand 000 scholars from all over the country as well as great personalities met: Carlos Slim Domit, president of the Board of Directors of America Movil; Usain Bolt, Olympic medalist; Simon Borrero, founder of Rappi; Julia Gillard, former prime minister of Australia, and among them, Reed Hasting, co-founder of Netflix.

Reed Hasting announced during the meeting the premiere of more than 100 new films and series for 2020 and 2021, only in Mexico there will be 50 more content in what is missing 2019. The big statement was the million-dollar bet in the country, as the executive said will invest about $200 million dollars in 2020 for the creation of new Mexican content, which can be seen both in the country and in others where the company has a presence.

Original production series such as La casa de las Flores or Club de Cuervos were successful in the Mexican audience. Netflix, along with other services bet on content with other services bet on original series and movies that can not be found on another platform.

From animé, South Korean dramas, U.S. films, to reboots of past hits in serial format, the catalog grows for a wider audience every day, with more content that appeals to the culture of Mexico, the public will have a preference.

On the other hand, Blim, a streaming service offered by Televisa, will switch to Blim TV, a bid to increase audience and better position itself among video-on-demand subscription services.

Blim TV consists of 30 live channels, including Las Estrellas, Canal 5, Unicable, A3 Series, A3 Cine, Star TVE, Canal Nu9ve, Telehit, Cadena 3, Bandamax, Golden, Afizzionados, Telemundo Internacional, TVE, TUDN, Antena 3, CMLL, Distrito Comedia, De Película, Clan and XFL.

"We are the only VOD [video on demand] that has content produced live and very focused on the Spanish niche," stated Vanessa Rosas, director of Blim. "We know that any other service brings translations, but it's not the same to translate it into Spanish," she said.

Thus, Televisa bets on being a service made by and for Hispanic Americans, plus the inclusion of six international channels. However, it should be noted that this new service is planned for 2020, with no new content for the rest of 2019. It is known that the price will remain the same.

With these ads, the services of Netflix and Blim TV seek the approval of the Mexican public offering not only new series and movies but stories made in the country, Mexican content for Mexicans. It will be seen later how the audience accepts this bet by both companies.

By Agencies