Which is the closest beach to Mexico City?

This is how to find the closest beach to Mexico City and how long it takes you to get there.

Which is the closest beach to Mexico City?
How close is the closest beach to Mexico City? Photo by Armando Ascorve Morales / Unsplash

There is always a good excuse to escape the city and enjoy the sea, the sun, and the sand. That's why, even if we don't always have a lot of time or money, it doesn't hurt to know which is the closest beach to Mexico City, which is surely a good option to visit.

Tecolutla beach in Veracruz is one of the closest beaches to Mexico City. It is located 321 kilometers away from the capital. Taking the shortest road route from Mexico City to Tecolutla will take you approximately three hours to get there.

Tecolutla is a good destination to practice all kinds of water sports such as sailing, skiing, diving, and fishing; one of the most important events related to this last activity is the International Tarpon Fishing Tournament. There are also boat trips to other nearby places such as the Larios, El Ostial, El Rincón, El Negro, and La Silveña estuaries.

On Tecolutla's beach throughout June and July, children can meet and return newborn turtles to the sea, an experience they will surely never forget.

Tecolutla has 70 kilometers of beach for the development of tourism and is divided into two very important tourist areas which are called Costa Esmeralda and the Villa and Puerto de Tecolutla, as well as the entire extension of beaches, are lined by palm trees of dazzling green.

By bus, it would take you almost seven hours to get to Tecolulta if you leave from Central del Norte, so consider that the best option to visit this beach is to do it by car.

The route you should take

Go to the Mexico-Pirámides-Tuxpan toll booth. Take the Tulancingo highway towards Tuxpan-Poza Rica. Finish the highway and continue towards Poza Rica. In Poza Rica enter the city and follow signs to Papantla- Veracruz. Before arriving to Papantla enter the highway towards Veracruz- Gutiérrez Zamora- Tecolutla.