What kind of gastronomy does the state of Nayarit offer?

Aside from seafood, in Nayarit, there are different regional dishes such as roast beef, birria, banana dumplings, pork beans, flour tortillas, raspadas, sopes, tamales barbones, cylindrical, colored, ash, corn, pineapple, and pork tamales, etc.

What kind of gastronomy does the state of Nayarit offer?
Seafood. Photo by Alexandra Tran / Unsplash

Nayarit has an excellent geographical position, so its fertile lands produce a great variety of fruits and vegetables, which together with the richness offered by its coasts, result in a series of unique dishes of the region. Among the most outstanding are: zarandeado fish, which is prepared with snapper that is smoked with mangrove wood.

Typical Dishes

Chicken Ixtlan del Rio style, fried chicken with potatoes, squash, and lettuce in tomato sauce with oregano; Tlaxtihuilli, of pre-Hispanic origin consisting of corn gruel, shrimp powder, and chili; fish tatemado, which is roasted in a mangrove wood fire; shrimp paste that is bathed in white wine or port; and of course the Huichol Sauce made with a variety of chili peppers and spices.