Switzerland scouts aerospace park potential in Mazatlán

Opportunities are seen and it is understood that Mazatlan has developed the primary sector and tourism, but it is becoming more and more industrialized.

Switzerland scouts aerospace park potential in Mazatlán
The strengths and opportunities represented by the Mzt Aerospace Park were presented to the embassies. Image: CIT Sinaloa

Attracted by the Aerospace Park that is being built in this port, executives of the Business Center of the Swiss Embassy in Mexico explore the potential that Mazatlan has for companies from that country and they are surprised because they say that the potential is enormous.

"We came here because of the Aerospace Project, because of the Park that is being built, well, that has also allowed us to exchange some ideas with chambers (business), with business representation organizations, with academic institutions, we are pleasantly surprised first by the kindness and gentleness of the people, but also by the potential we see that Mazatlan has," said the director of Swiis Business Hub Mexico, Ruben Araiza Diaz.

Both in the meeting with leaders of business groups and authorities held this Friday morning in a room of the Pueblo Bonito Emerald Bay Hotel, and in an interview, he emphasized that the five-fold model in Sinaloa is similar to the one also applied in Switzerland, where society works together with industry, academia, and government, including sustainability and sustainability.

"So it is a model very similar to the one in Switzerland, a five-fold model and we believe it has great opportunities to offer to investors," continued Araiza Diaz in this visit to which he also attends with Michel Arano Pompa, also a director of the said Business Center and Swiss Trade Officer, but also represent the Kingdom of Liechtenstein.

"This is an exploratory visit in the first stage, we intend to return later with a trade delegation, but the intention now is to identify the attributes that Mazatlan has, and its strengths and take them to Switzerland, to be carriers of opportunities, I am also accompanied by Michel who is Swiss Trade Officer and between the two of us we are doing this scouting to promote a little of what is in Mazatlan and perhaps help to contribute to change this rhetoric about Sinaloa just identifying its attributes and talking about them".

Opportunities are seen and it is understood that Mazatlan has developed the primary sector and tourism, but it is becoming more and more industrialized.

"We do see opportunities, we understand that Mazatlan, in particular, has developed the primary sector and the tourism sector, but we also see that it is becoming more and more industrialized, that there is a greater investment, the logistics they have with the connectivity of the highways, now this highway that links Mazatlan with Durango has also allowed us to have a much greater economic spillover that is reflected in the increase of housing construction, hotels, the tourism sector," he emphasized.

"We believe that the Aerospace Park will be a pole that will detonate the growth of this industry in the city and we would like to contribute, to see which companies are interested in the services that this Industrial Park will offer because we understand that it will be unique in its kind, in its class worldwide and that it will offer both competitive and comparative advantages, so, I repeat, we intend to make a first stage, an exploratory trip to identify the opportunities, the strengths and later show them to the Swiss companies that could be interested in coming, but we believe that the potential it has is enormous".

He reiterated that it is necessary to talk about Mazatlan's potential because it has many attributes that until now he feels have not been in the public domain or that it is information that is still not being shared at the level it should be.

"So for us, it is a pleasure to be here with you and hopefully this visit will materialize with business opportunities for Swiss companies," he continued.

He also said that as the Official Office of the Swiss Government in Mexico they must speak objectively about both the strengths and areas of opportunity that Mazatlan and the state of Sinaloa have.

At the meeting, the progress made so far in the Mzt Aerospace Park was presented, while the former Secretary of Economy of Sinaloa, Javier Lizárraga Mercado explained that the entity has resources such as water, gas, road, and port infrastructure to receive investments such as the Ammonia Plant in Topolobampo and the growth that Mazatlan has, among other points.

Source: Noroeste