MZT Aerospace Park in Mazatlan: a business class hotel, a shopping plaza, a bus station and a corporate center


The first stage of the MZT Aerospace Park, an aerospace park in Mazatlan, Sinaloa, will be ready in December and will total an investment of approximately $120 million dollars (mdd). The construction of the park is planned in two phases, the first in 68.4 hectares and the second in 200.

In 2020, those responsible for the park mentioned that the first phase foresees a business class hotel, a shopping plaza, a training center for young people, a bus station, and a corporate center. For the second phase and according to the needs of the project's potential clients, they consider the construction of an airstrip for different types of aircraft, including the Boeing 747.

According to the schedule, progress is on track, and they are starting the groundwork to build an airstrip. The current stage integrates first-class, environmentally friendly infrastructure, from power generation, electrification, paving, to the planting of 2,000 endemic trees. The aerospace park will welcome around 80 companies and a total of 8,000 direct jobs, which added to the indirect jobs will reach 25,000.

Singular Aircraft, the first aerospace company to be installed in the park, is about to arrive, and the world's largest autonomous civil aircraft will soon arrive. Initially, the runway would be 1.1 kilometers long, but they will extend it to 3 kilometers to accommodate large aircraft that are transatlantic.

By Mexicanist