Sinaloa improved seven places in the 2021 State Competitiveness Index and is the seventh entity in the country with the best indexes, according to the Mexican Institute for Competitiveness. The result shows that Sinaloa is the entity that has had the most improvements in the whole country. And that has had repercussions in Sinaloa's main urban centers, which have also become highly competitive cities. According to the index, Sinaloa advanced from 14th place to seventh place nationally, because it had improvements in factors such as economy, politics, and innovation.

Further, the Mexican Institute for Competitiveness points out that Sinaloa is the state with the best labor conditions. In addition to this result, in the Urban Competitiveness Index, Sinaloa's three main urban centers are ranked in first place nationally. Culiacán is second and Mazatlán fourth, among cities with 500,000 to one million inhabitants, while Los Mochis ranks seventh among cities with 250,000 to 500,000 inhabitants. For the two largest cities, Culiacán and Mazatlán are considered cities with adequate competitiveness, while Los Mochis is considered medium-high.

Culiacán is one of the cities with the best performance recorded in this study since it was ranked 21st in 2019, out of the total number of cities in the country, which were 69 those evaluated, it moved up to 6th place in the studies published just this Wednesday. For its part, Mazatlan remains stable and is still in eighth place of all the cities evaluated, compared to the results of the 2019 study. And Los Mochis, went from 34th place in the general list to 21st place in two years, according to IMCO.

Already grouped by city characteristics, Culiacán and Mazatlán are located in the first place compared to cities with the same characteristics and the same with Los Mochis, which is in seventh place.