A man of Cuban nationality who was wanted by U.S. authorities was arrested by members of Fuerza Civil in the Cumbres area of Monterrey. It was at the intersection of Paseo de los Leones and Paseo de la Cordillera Avenues in the Cumbres 2nd Sector neighborhood where the agents caught up with the black Range Rover type vehicle, with license plates from the state of Delaware, after being seen on Constitution Avenue at Degollado Street speeding and driving recklessly, so they stopped him.

The driver ignored the signal, initiating a chase through different streets and avenues. Elements of the General Intelligence Division of this corporation asked him to identify himself.

The man's name was Oscar "N" and he was originally from Cuba. When the general information provided and the license plates of the car were checked in the institution's database, it was found that the 40-year-old man was a fugitive from justice in the United States and the vehicle had a theft report. For this reason, Oscar was placed at the disposal of the corresponding authority before which he will have to answer for the crimes he is charged with, reported El Horizonte.