Missing foreigners on the rise in Cancun


Men Women and children, nationals and foreigners, continue to join the long list of missing persons in Cancun, Quintana Roo. Benito Juarez is the municipality with the highest number of missing persons, in recent hours the State Attorney General's Office activated four files for the disappearance of adults three of them of foreign origin and two Amber Alerts, for the disappearance of two Canadian minors, events that occurred in the month of May.

Missing persons in Cancun.  The recent cases are of two Canadian minors. Image: Twitter
Missing persons in Cancun. The recent cases are of two Canadian minors. Image: Twitter

The State Attorney General's Office (FGE) has 67 active files and Alba Protocols for the disappearance of men and women so far this year, only 27 have the legend "LOCATED", some have simply been erased when the person was located lifeless; the latest alerts are for two men of Venezuelan nationality, one Colombian, one Mexican and two Canadian girls. The adults were last seen in Cancun on May 8, the children disappeared nine days later.

The men were reported missing on May 8, the girls on May 17, but it was not until last Friday that the agency publicized the disappearances through its social networks, where they ask citizens to provide some information about their whereabouts since they may be victims of a crime.

The authorities have not given details about the loss of these people, whether they are forced disappearances or some other crime such as human trafficking. In the case of the minors, there is also no mention of whether the parents are in legal proceedings and are fighting for custody of them.

Luis Alfredo M. M., 52 years old and Ramón Eleodoro T. M., 58 years old, are the tourists of Venezuelan origin, Juan David D. C., 32 years old is the Colombian, and Carlos Eduardo S. O., 23 years old, is the Mexican, who according to the files for Disappearance, were last seen on May 8.

The minors for whom the Amber Alert was activated are identified with the initials I. R. K., and K. R. K., 10 and 8 years old respectively of Canadian origin.

To date, there are 67 active reports of disappearances, nine of which are Alba Protocols, for the disappearance of women. Among the missing persons are nine foreigners, one of Costa Rican origin, another from the United States, three Venezuelans, one Swiss, one Colombian, and two small Canadians, reported missing in Benito Juárez.

Until last May, of the 196 crimes against personal freedom in the entity that has registered the National Executive Secretariat of Public Security, 20.41 percent are Amber Alerts, of which the State Attorney General's Office refers 85 percent of the minors reported as missing are in their homes, however in their social networks the files remain due to the lack of follow-up by parents who made the report.

By Jazmín Rodríguez, Source Por esto