Marcelo Lucero, an experienced motorcyclist of Argentine origin, has been missing since August 28, when he went out to tour the hot springs area on foot with a group of residents from Los Cabos, in the mountainous area of the community of Santiago, located north of San José del Cabo.

As they walked and made their way through the area of springs known as "El Chorro", around the jurisdiction of Santiago, Marcelo was left behind by his companions, mysteriously disappearing moments later.

After realizing that the Pampero "biker" had gotten lost from the group, the rest of the people who were traveling through the natural area with him, began their search. However, from that day on, all contact with the foreign traveler was lost.

Marcelo Lucero had arrived a few days before at the destination of Los Cabos as part of an adventure tour on his inseparable motorcycle, coming from the city of Dallas, United States.

After entering the territory of Los Cabos, Marcelo was received at the home of the ex-wife of a childhood friend, named Juana Esther Garcia Cortaza, with the intention of taking a few days off to explore the natural beauties of the Southern California tourist destination.

It was on Friday, August 28th, when the traveler and the woman who hosted him in her house located on Biznaga Street between Malba Rosa Promenade and Cactus of San Jose del Cabo, organized an expedition to the hot springs of the town of Santiago.

However, hours before the appointment, the owner of the property had personal commitments, so she could not finally accompany him to the trip.

In order not to go alone, Marcelo joined a group of trusted friends of Juana Esther, who had planned the same exploration tour one night before, during a social gathering attended by all.

It was during the course of the route on foot that he got lost. At the time of her disappearance, he was accompanied by his cell phone, which had no internet signal or telephone service, in addition to the clothes he was wearing.

Upon learning of the strange disappearance of her friend, Juana Esther filed a report with the police authorities, which opened an investigation file and also activated a search operation through the sub-delegations of Santiago and Aguacaliente, with the aim of finding the Argentinean motorcyclist.

Since August 31st, a search and rescue group made up of elements from the National Guard, SEDENA, SEMAR, Civil Protection, and Public Security of Los Cabos, have been searching for and rescuing the missing person, using long-range drones to locate the biker born in the town of Lima, Argentina, among the remote and immense undergrowth of the forest area.