Search for a Missing Canadian in the City of Puerto Vallarta

The Prosecutor's Office of Jalisco initiated a search for a missing Canadian in Puerto Vallarta. The case occurred at the end of 2018 and there are three people in custody linked to the process for the disappearance of the subject.

Search for a Missing Canadian in the City of Puerto Vallarta
Prosecutor's Office of Jalisco Initiating the Search for a Missing Canadian in Puerto Vallarta.

The Jalisco State Prosecutor's Office announced the beginning of the search for a foreign citizen who disappeared four years ago in the area of Puerto Vallarta, which will be carried out in coordination with other authorities.

The announcement was made through a brief 57-second video in which an agent of the Prosecutor's Office announces the beginning of the investigations, while in the background various experts can be seen making preparations, to begin the investigations in the area together with other security elements.

According to the video, the member of the Prosecutor's Office informs that several authorities are participating in the search, including the Jalisco State Prosecutor's Office (FE), the Prosecutor's Office Specialized in Missing Persons, the Ministry of National Defense (SEDENA), the Ministry of the Navy (SEMAR), the National Guard, as well as the Municipal Police, Civil Protection, the Jalisco Institute of Forensic Sciences, among others.

The search will be carried out in five points of interest where evidence was obtained and for such work is supported by two trained canines from the Canine Group of the Public Security Secretariat.

The foreign citizen disappeared in the Port on October 28, 2018. The Canadian, Malcolm Madsen, was last seen in a bar in the Romantic Zone of the Port with his partner of Mexican nationality, identified as Marcela A., after which nothing was known about his whereabouts.

Then in November 2019 a video circulated by foreign media in Canada in which Malcom is seen inside the bar with his partner. At one point the Canadian is distracted and Marcela introduces something in his drink.

Three people are already being prosecuted for this case and the case is in the preliminary stage, according to the agent's information and the FE's press release. The three people arrested for their alleged responsibility in Madsen's disappearance are Marcela A., her brother Martin Alejandro A., and Andres Javier N., who is Marcela's son.

Madsen's partner was arrested in 2020 in the State of Mexico in the municipality of Tlanepantla. Then Martin Alejandro was arrested and finally Andres in 2021, who was indicted for the disappearance of the Canadian.

The State Prosecutor's Office through the Special Prosecutor's Office for Missing Persons also accompanied the Todos Somos Karey collective in the municipality of San Pedro Tlaquepaque concerning work carried out in an investigation of the disappearance of a person.

Derived from the information obtained by the collective itself, data were obtained from a farm located in the Micaelita neighborhood, so the accompaniment of the state agency was requested to carry out actions to search for people in the place.

While the work was being carried out in the place, a possible positive point of clandestine burial was located, so the presence of ministerial personnel was requested to carry out the processing of the same.

According to the Prosecutor's Office, this is not the first work carried out with the collective, since on March 14 and 16 several search actions were carried out in the municipality of El Salto.

At the established point, two unidentified bodies were found, so personnel from the Jalisco Institute of Forensic Sciences were in charge of transferring them to their facilities for necropsy. The search day ended around 4:30 p.m. but will be resumed this April 4, as detailed in their communiqué.