Mexico's New Beach B-Ball Duo Aims for Paris

Mexican beach volleyball duo Miguel Sarabia and Gabriel Cruz are ready to compete in Challenge Guadalajara, a qualifier for the 2024 Paris Olympics. Despite being a new team, they're aiming for the main draw and hope to impress the crowd with their synergy.

Mexico's New Beach B-Ball Duo Aims for Paris
Miguel Sarabia and Gabriel Cruz, Mexican duo that will participate in the Guadalajara beach volleyball Challenge. Credit: CONADE

Only a few hours away from the start of their participation in the Challenge Guadalajara, a tournament belonging to the World Beach Volleyball Tour, Mexicans Miguel Sarabia and Gabriel Cruz declared themselves ready to compete if awards points for the ranking towards the Paris 2024 Olympic Games.

“Expectations are always high, and we want to qualify for the next round, something that would be very important for us in the confidence and performance of the team. I am happy to represent Mexico in this incredible venue,” Sarabia assured.

“It is a work we have been doing for years, we have had a good participation for a new couple. We are going to start a new challenge in Guadalajara from the main chart. Let's hope for good results,” commented Cruz.

Lately, Sarabia has teamed up with Olympian Juan Virgen, who is currently recovering from an injury, so Cruz has entered the fray during this 2024, in which they have competed in the Recife and Saquarema Challenges, both in Brazil. This synergy will continue during their participation in the main draw of the tournament held at the Pan American Tennis Complex.

“Mexico has always been a good venue for beach volleyball, we saw it previously at the World Cup in Tlaxcala, which was an excellent event. Here in Guadalajara, which is more centrally located, I believe there will be the same or better response from the public, and hopefully, they will be satisfied regardless of the results,” expressed Cruz.