Mexicolectivo Movement Bridging Divides and Proposing Change

Mexicolectivo: Uniting politicians, artists, athletes, and activists, this movement presents a visionary document with proposals for change. From healthcare to crime prevention, they challenge the status quo and seek to redefine Mexico's future.

Mexicolectivo Movement Bridging Divides and Proposing Change
Mexicolectivo activists advocate for change, challenging the norms and sparking conversations that inspire progress. Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

In a nation known for its spirited political landscape, Mexicolectivo has emerged as a compelling force for change, bringing together a motley crew of politicians, intellectuals, artists, environmentalists, and social leaders. This remarkable movement, comprising individuals from various political affiliations such as Movimiento Ciudadano, PAN, PRI, and PRD, aims to redefine the future of Mexico through a fresh and inclusive perspective.

President Andrés Manuel López Obrador has famously referred to Mexicolectivo as the "moderate wing of conservatives," highlighting their dissenting voice within the much-debated Fourth Transformation. However, this unique movement extends far beyond the realm of politics, boasting an eclectic mix of professionals from diverse backgrounds. Entrepreneurs, academics, doctors, feminists, athletes, and even artists have joined forces, united by a shared vision of a more prosperous and harmonious Mexico.

Harnessing the expertise of 289 specialists, Mexicolectivo spent months meticulously compiling proposals across six key axes: Prosperity; Quality of Life; Diversity and Inclusion; Peace and Rule of Law; Environment, Energy, and Sustainability; and Global Mexico. This impressive body of work, translated into seven comprehensive books, aims to revolutionize the current strategies in crucial areas such as healthcare, economic growth, corruption, public infrastructure, military involvement in governance, and crime prevention.

With a commendable commitment to democratic engagement, Mexicolectivo plans to present this groundbreaking document to prospective presidential candidates, urging them to integrate these proposals into their government plans. By doing so, the movement seeks to foster a collaborative approach to governance, enabling the voices of experts and specialists to be heard and implemented effectively.

Among the prominent figures driving this transformative movement are former government officials, distinguished business leaders, notable athletes, and passionate activists. The lineup includes names like Julio Frenk, former Secretary of Health; José Ángel Córdova, former Minister of Health; Ignacio Morales Lechuga, former head of the PGR; Raul Plascencia, former President of the CNDH; Diego Valadés and José Ramón Cossío, former Ministers of the Court; Francisco Labastida, former Minister of the Interior and PRI presidential candidate; Arturo Núñez, former Governor of Tabasco, and many others.

The business community has also rallied behind Mexicolectivo, with influential figures such as Francisco Laresgoiti Servitje from Grupo Bimbo, Mercedes Palomar, the Director of Lady Multitask, and Bosco de la Vega, the former leader of the National Agriculture and Livestock Council. Their involvement demonstrates a commitment to a thriving and sustainable economy, fostering an environment that encourages innovation, growth, and equal opportunities for all.

Mexicolectivo's strength lies in its diverse composition, as it embraces athletes who have excelled in their respective fields, including Fernando Platas, a former diver; Carlos Mercenario and Raul Gonzalez, former marathon runners, and Amalia Perez, a celebrated Paralympic medalist. By incorporating their unique perspectives, the movement recognizes the profound impact of sports on society and aims to leverage its potential for positive change.

Moreover, Mexicolectivo embraces passionate activists who have dedicated their lives to advocating for marginalized communities and urgent causes. Zenaida Pérez Gutiérrez, an advocate for indigenous women's rights; Zara Snapp, a proponent of marijuana legalization; Enrique Vives, a champion for the LGBTQ+ collective; Ricardo Homs, representing the Mexican Academy of Communication; Roberto Remes, an esteemed urbanist; and Antonio Frabyuti, an unwavering animal advocate, all contribute their invaluable insights to this transformative movement.

Mexicolectivo's extensive compilation of initiatives reflects its commitment to a better future for Mexico. The proposals encompass a wide range of areas, from establishing specialized bodies within the National Guard to tackle high-impact crimes to creating a national body under the FGR to address drug trafficking and organized crime. Recognizing the need for alternative growth models, the movement emphasizes the significance of public investment and taxation in fostering progress.

Furthermore, Mexicolectivo strives to enhance the accessibility and quality of higher education, ensuring its transformative impact on society. They also champion health equity by guaranteeing access to healthcare services for the most vulnerable populations. Lastly, their focus on micro-regional planning and full-time schools with food aims to address inequalities and uplift local communities.

As Mexicolectivo delivers its visionary document to the presidential pre-candidates, the movement undoubtedly paves the way for a more inclusive, prosperous, and sustainable Mexico. By bridging political divides and embracing diverse perspectives, this extraordinary collective of leaders and visionaries offers a glimmer of hope for a nation yearning for change. The bold proposals put forth by Mexicolectivo have the potential to reshape Mexico's trajectory, inspiring us all to reimagine what is possible for our beloved country.