Mexico draws against Poland. Key moments

On Tuesday at the World Cup finals in Qatar, Mexico and Poland played to a scoreless draw after Poland's squad skipper Robert Lewandowski missed a penalty kick from 11 yards out.

Mexico draws against Poland. Key moments
Qatar World Cup, Group C, Mexico vs Poland. Poland and Mexico play to a tie. Credit: JCDeportesyNoticias

In a game far from rich in scoring chances, the Mexicans were more active in attack, but the best chance in the second half was not taken by the Polish team. In the 57th minute, Hector Moreno held Lewandowski illegally in the penalty area and the referee awarded an 11-meter penalty kick, which the World Player of the Year winner missed as Mexico's goalkeeper Guillermo Ochoa got the better of the duel.

At the age of 34, Ballon d'Or winner Lewandowski has yet to score a goal in a World Cup finals. Mexico and Poland started the finals in Group C, where Saudi Arabia unexpectedly beat Argentina on Tuesday.

Key moments: Mexico - Poland. Football World Cup match

The match ended 0-0. Disappointment for the Poles for a missed 11-meter shot, and for Mexico for a lead that was not converted into a goal. The following is a recap of the game.

Both teams are not very organized in attack, but relying on luck has not been enough to score.

7 minutes of stoppage time to go before the final whistle.

The game is heading toward the second goalless draw of the day. That would be too much for one day.

One of Poland's few attacking chances at the far post is missed by Grzegorz Krzychowicz after a corner kick.

The lackluster attack of the Polish national team doesn't leave them much hope of scoring. Instead, the Poles try to keep their opponents away from the goal.

The Mexican national team hopes to escalate the game with two substitutions at once. Raul Jimenez and Carlos Rodriguez come on.

Szczęsny saves a Polish goal after a header by Henry Martin.

The Poles have missed their last three 11-meter penalty kicks in the World Cup finals. Lewandowski is still without a career goal at the World Cup.

Lewandowski misses an 11-yard penalty kick, the ball is saved by goalkeeper Guillermo Ochoa. The score is 0-0 in the 58th minute.

Mexico's best World Cup finals record is reaching the quarter-finals twice, while the Poles have finished in 3rd place twice, the last time in 1982. This is the fourth time since the turn of the century that the Polish national team has played in the finals and has not reached the knockout stage.

The 32 national teams competing in the World Cup are divided into eight groups for the first stage of the tournament and will play a round-robin tournament until 2 December. The top two teams in each group will qualify for the knockout phase, which will end with the final on 18 December.