Mexico's Sharpshooters Aim for Parisian Gold in Rio

Mexico's rifle and pistol team battles for Olympic spots at Rio's shooting championships. Mixed team events wrapped up, with individual competitions for rifle and pistol starting today.

Mexico's Sharpshooters Aim for Parisian Gold in Rio
Focus and determination etched on the faces of Mexico's mixed air rifle team as they vie for an Olympic spot. Credit: CONADE

The national rifle and pistol team located in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, experienced this Sunday the third day of the Final Olympic Qualification Championship of the International Shooting Sports Federation (ISSF) heading to Paris 2024.

Edson Ismael Ramírez Ramos and Goretti Alejandra Zumaya Flores, Andrea Palafox López and Carlos Quezada Márquez, were the pairs with which Mexico appeared at the start of the 10-meter air rifle modality in mixed team, where they finished in 23rd and 43rd places. , respectively.

The first three places in the competition went to the Norwegians Jeanette Duestad and Jon Hegg, who beat the French Oceanne Muller and Lucas Kryzs 16-14, in the duel for the gold medal and the Swedes Isabelle Johansson and Marcus Madsen took They were left with the bronze.

After the mixed team performance, the Mexican teams will compete this Monday, April 15 in the same event, but individually, starting at 06:15 central time in Mexico, a competition that for the women's branch means the opportunity to get an Olympic place.

Previously, in the individual 10-meter air pistol test, Alejandra Zavala Vázquez and Andrea Victoria Ibarra Miranda placed 20th and 25th in the qualifying phase among 79 female competitors, while Daniel Urquiza Salas and Carlos González Garza They ranked 52nd and 53rd out of 85 shooters.