Mexico's Pentathlon Hopefuls Sharpen Skills for Paris

Mexico's modern pentathletes head to Ankara World Cup for Paris 2024 Olympic qualification. Hernández, Carrillo, and Oliver aim to solidify their spots, while Arceo, Oliver and Vega fight for the last women's slot. Can they conquer Ankara and secure their Parisian dreams?

Mexico's Pentathlon Hopefuls Sharpen Skills for Paris
Emiliano Hernández and Duilio Carrillo will participate in the second Pentathlon World Cup, in Turkey, an event that awards points for the ranking towards Paris 2024. Credit: CONADE

The national modern pentathlon team, made up of four women and three men, is ready to begin its participation in the second World Cup 2024, which will take place from April 16 to 21 in Ankara, Turkey and will award points in the ranking towards the Paris 2024 Olympic Games.

The team is made up of Emiliano Hernández, Duilio Carrillo and Manuel Padilla in the men's division, as well as Mayan Oliver, Mariana Arceo, Catherine Oliver and Tamara Vega, in the women's division.

So far, three Mexican pentathletes have already qualified for Paris 2024: Emiliano Hernández, who achieved second place at the Bath 2023 World Championship, Duilio Carrillo and Mayan Oliver, after being crowned in their respective branches, at the Santiago 2023 Pan American Games. For them, these competitions represent an opportunity to test themselves against the best, with a view to their Olympic participation.

For their part, Mariana Arceo, Catherine Oliver and Tamara Vega, continue their search to collect the highest number of points in the Olympic classification, to keep the last available place in the women's branch, to attend the summer event.

In the first stop of the 2024 World Cup series, which took place from March 5 to 10, in Cairo, Egypt, Emiliano Hernández and Mariana Arceo were the only representatives of America who managed to access the individual finals, where they closed in 14th and 18th places, respectively. Meanwhile, the duo made up of Duilio Carrillo and Mariana Arceo was crowned in the mixed relay.

At the end of their competitions in Egypt, Mayan Oliver, Emiliano Hernández and Catherine Oliver held a camp of approximately one month in Budapest, Hungary, in preparation for the following competitions.

After completing the series of four jousts, the best pentathletes will be able to compete in the World Cup Final, which will take place from May 22 to 26, in Ankara, Turkey, which will be held in Olympic format, so it will be the prelude of Paris 2024.