Latest Mexico News Highlights on 21 March 2023

Get the latest news from Mexico, covering a range of topics from the completion of the Salina Cruz coker plant to address Mexico's dependence on foreign oil, to the ongoing issue of cartel violence and the President's focus on sports to bring unity to the country.

Latest Mexico News Highlights on 21 March 2023
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Mexico City - It's a sunny day in the bustling capital, and there's no shortage of news to cover. We start with the announcement that the construction of the Salina Cruz coker plant is set to be completed in 2024. This new plant will help reduce Mexico's dependence on foreign oil and promote economic growth in the region.

In response to the ongoing issue of cartel violence, the European Union has called for a united front with Mexico. The situation is dire, with double-armed attacks reported in Zitácuaro, Michoacán, and cartels taking over airstrips in Selva Lacandona. President AMLO has acknowledged that cartels in Lacandona have agreements with inhabitants, and protesters at his morning press conference demanded action to address the issue of femicides and missing persons.

However, the President also spoke about the importance of sports in bringing unity to the country. "Never before has there been such an important role in sports," he said. But despite his love of sports, AMLO protested against the media for not broadcasting baseball games.

Speaking of protests, the FCN has denied reports of effigies of AMLO being burned at INE rallies, while the US has pointed fingers at the President for discrediting journalists and activists.

Meanwhile, there is good news for the country's economy, as AMLO has confirmed that there is economic stability in Mexico. The President's positive outlook on the country is in line with recent reports that Mexico has climbed 10 places in one year to become the 36th happiest country in the world.

But not everything is sunshine and rainbows in Mexico. An explosion in Totolapan, Morelos, has left seven dead, while people traffickers abandoned 129 migrants on a Nuevo Leon highway. Battery recyclers are also causing health and environmental damage, according to recent reports.

However, there is a glimmer of hope as a Frenchwoman has returned the pre-Hispanic art she inherited to Mexico, and Teotihuacan has welcomed spring with balloons and lots of energy. Finally, in crime news, the MacStore in Mexico City was robbed of 8 million pesos in merchandise, while Daniel Garcia has been sentenced to 35 years in prison just weeks before the IACHR issues its sentence.