Mexico is already a world power in golf, says Lorena Ochoa


Mexico is already a global and Latin American power in golf, due to the results obtained lately and now it must look for more, Lorena Ochoa said today when concluding her participation in the ProMedium of Propelled the Professional Mexican Golf (IGMP).

The country is already a world power in golf, says Lorena Ochoa.Image: Pixabay
The country is already a world power in golf, says Lorena Ochoa.Image: Pixabay

Ochoa was the star of the tournament in the field of Club Campestre Churubusco, despite being in retirement, but for her image as a leader and example, in addition to always being willing to help new generations, she remains the best in all the aspects.

From her participation in the IGMP ProAm, she shared that she feels happy, because it is a tournament that she is very fond of, besides that she loves to play with her friends and, above all, that they are aware of everything that is done so that continue with your dreams of growing and reach the LPGA Tour.

She said that today she played with Maria Fassi, who in May will become a professional, and she liked it because she had not done it with her for many years, and was impressed by how she hits the ball and her mentality.

"So there are very nice things for Mexican golf, not only for women but also for men." Gaby (López) has already shown that she can win, she has already won her first tournament, which is always very important to take that step, and of María, what she does on a collegial level, is very admirable, "she told reporters.

In addition to Gaby, in the year 2018, Abraham Ancer won his first tournament on the PGA Tour, so he considered that after his retirement this is the best time for Mexican golf.

"I've always said that we have to be patient. This moment has already come in. We only have to see the number of men who are playing every weekend and the women also move us in. Of course, Mexico is already a power in Latin America. With the results that Gaby, Ancer, José de Jesús Rodríguez, and Álvaro Ortiz have had, we are already a world power ", she assured.

As for Álvaro Ortiz, who won the Latin American Amateur Championship on the 21st of this month, she expressed her admiration for his determination, which he has to learn a lot, and that this title should motivate him in the future on the PGA Tour.

The former world number one and member of the World Hall of Fame thanked the participation of Ana Gabriela Guevara, general director of the National Commission of Physical Culture and Sport (Conade).

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For her part, the amateur Maria Fassi said that it was a great day to play alongside her example, Lorena Ochoa, with whom she shared the starting group in this round. "It was a great experience because she is always willing to help and worried about how my process is going, what I need and that is why it is incredible," she said.

By Mexicanist