All the latest details of the upcoming Mexico City Marathon


The Marathon will be held on Sunday, August 25 and will have a new route. The exit will be on Avenida Insurgentes Sur, at the height of the Olympic Stadium and the Rector's Tower of the UNAM, and will have its arrival at the most distinctive place in the capital, that is, the Plaza de la Constitución (Zócalo).

The Mexico City marathon has a new image and route for the next six editions. Image: organizer website
The Mexico City marathon has a new image and route for the next six editions. Image: organizer website

During the last six editions, the Mexico City marathon commemorated the 50th anniversary of the Olympic Games in Mexico 1968, so in each, one a medal was given with a different letter to form the word "MEXICO".

Now that this commemoration has ended and with the change of administrations in the capital city government and the Sports Institute of Mexico City (Indeporte), the dynamic of the CDMX Marathon has also changed.

The objective of the competition is for the runners to get involved in the next six editions and for that, the medals will be engraved with six iconic monuments of the capital (one each year until 2024) that will travel the Marathon route, the Indeporte reported.

These could be the Angel of Independence, the Monument to the Revolution, the Central Library, the Palace of Fine Arts, the Castle of Chapultepec and the Latin American Tower, although they are not confirmed.

The new image of the CDMX Marathon not only aims to highlight the monuments of the city and runners, but also iconic characters from the capital and Mexican culture, such as organ-grinders, catrinas, taqueros, mariachis; In addition to wheelchair riders and with guide dogs.

The registration costs will be the same as in 2018, that is, 650 pesos for national athletes and 80 dollars for foreigners. As for the prizes for the absolute winners in both branches, they will be 550 thousand pesos to the first place, 245 thousand pesos to the second place and 180 thousand pesos to the third place.

In addition, this year's contest will be qualifying for the WANDA category World Championship, whose first edition will take place in London 2020. As well as the BQ (Boston Marathon 2020 qualifier).

Mexico City Marathon 2019
Mexico City Marathon 2019

It should be remembered that in the past Marathon of the City of Mexico the International Federation of Athletics Associations (IAFF), the competition made in the CDMX was given the Gold Label, this thanks to the fulfillment of the electronic timing with chip and competition, have at least five elite runners in the male and female branches.

Another of the objectives set for this edition is to repeat the EverGreen certification by the Council For Responsible Sport as well as the BQ, which means that it will work as a qualifier for the Boston Marathon.

As part of the communiqué issued, the delivery of the participants' kits will be given at the 2019 Marathon Expo on August 22, 23 and 24, in the same way, it will be used to present more details of the CDMX 2019 Marathon.

5 reasons not to miss the Mexico City Marathon Telcel 2019

Discover why it will be an unforgettable race and how Telcel will accompany you throughout the entire route.

On August 25 the Telcel Mexico City Marathon will take place, which will undoubtedly be a sporting event for the entire city. You can not miss, here are the reasons why this event is so special:

1. The logo and medal are incredible

It is an abstract representation of the Victory winged monument or Angel of Independence forming an "Ollin", a symbol of the Mexica culture of movement, and will be printed on the T-shirt. The design represents the richness of color and geometry of Mexican textiles. In addition, the logo is accompanied by drawings of emblematic monuments of Mexico City and significant characters such as organilleros, catrinas, taqueros, mariachis, athletes and wheelchair runners.

The Telcel 2019 Mexico City Marathon medal is engraved in the Central Library of the National Autonomous University of Mexico. This building built between 1950 and 1951 represents with honor the education of Mexico and is part of the Central Campus that in 2007 was named Cultural Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO.

2. It has its official app for a digital experience

Through the Telcel 2019 MarathonCdMx app, users will have at their disposal the exact count of hours and days remaining for the celebration of the race, as well as news, information and frequently asked questions. In addition, Telcel accompanies you in your training because each day shows you the weather so that you can go out at the best time and allows you to take a selfie to share in your social networks. You can also consult the list of elite runners.

During the Marathon, runners can get their unofficial times every time they cross a checkpoint. While spectators, family, and friends who accompany the runners will be able to follow their route in real time to encourage them on the route. The app is available for Android and iOs.

3. The route is challenging

This marathon will have as its starting point the Insurgents Avenue at the height of the Central Library of Ciudad Universitaria and as its goal the Zócalo in the Historic Center. It is the first time that the first 10km will be in a straight line and downhill, which will help runners to mark their rhythm from the beginning without contingencies.

The 42,195 km is designed to be historically the fastest route that has ever existed in Mexico City, so they are looking for the best times in all categories.

4. It's a tour of historical places

Athletes will be able to enjoy the view of beautiful monuments throughout the race, as well as the Central Library; such as the Insurgent Theater, the Siqueiros Cultural Polyforum, Chapultepec Castle, the Soumaya Museum, the Diana Cazadora Fountain, the Independence Angel, the Revolution Monument, the Palace of Fine Arts, the Latin American Tower and the Great Temple.

5. You can "Run with cause"

The race encourages the promotion of altruistic Foundations, in such a way that when you register you can opt for a specific cause. "To run with a cause" means to help with generous actions that allow these institutions to collect resources to apply them in the attention of people who need it.

Now that you know all the details, you can not miss the Mexico City Marathon, so do not take long to register, you can do so through the following link. Download the official app and let Telcel accompany you.

Remember that the last competition heading for the marathon is precisely the BBVA Half Marathon of the CdMx 2019, next July 28th, so don't forget to register and test your stamina and speed.