Why might Mexico City revoke license plates?

There are many reasons why only an authorized traffic agent is allowed to keep your license plates, including the fact that they serve as an identifying record for your vehicle.

Why might Mexico City revoke license plates?
In Mexico City, under what circumstances may you lose your license? Photo by serjan midili / Unsplash

Vehicle license plates are the registration used by automobiles for their identification and legal circulation throughout the Mexican territory. If you do not have them, the Mexico City's traffic regulations specify that the fine can range from 1,500 to 2,000 pesos.

According to the Traffic Regulations of the capital city of Mexico, the reasons for which the license plates may be taken away in the Mexico City Metropolitan District are the following:

In case the permanent circulation decal does not coincide with the circulation card and with the vehicle control records. vehicle control records.
When the infraction is committed by drivers who drive a vehicle with license plates from another state or country.

It should be noted that in order for the retention of this document to be completely legal, it must be performed by an authorized agent, who must identify himself with his name and license plate number.

In the event that the traffic agent is not authorized to execute the corresponding infraction, the officer will have to request the corresponding support via radio.

Reasons why your license plates can be taken away in Mexico City

According to the Traffic Regulations of the Mexico City, license plates are retained in case the driver does not prove the legitimate ownership of the vehicle, which is identified by the coincidence of:

The registration card
The permanent circulation sticker
The vehicle control records

If the documents presented to the traffic officer do not match the registration of the Secretariat of Citizen Security, the officer is obliged to remove the front and rear license plates, which will be stated in the penalty ticket.

In this case, the vehicle must also be sent to the vehicle deposit, which will be delivered to its corresponding owner once the legitimacy of the vehicle is accredited.

On the other hand, when an infraction is committed by drivers driving a vehicle with license plates from another entity, the agent must remove the front license plate or retain it:

Driver's license
Traffic license

As in the previous case, the traffic officer authorized to issue an infraction must indicate on the infraction ticket that the infraction was issued in this manner.

The retained documentation will be returned to the driver at the offices of Citizen Security, once the payment of the infraction and the debts registered in the system of the Secretariat of Administration and Finance of Mexico City have been made.