Mexico City remains in a yellow traffic light for at least two more weeks, informed in a press conference this Friday, October 1, Eduardo Clark García Dobarganes, general director of Government of the Digital Agency for Public Innovation (ADIP).

The capital official highlighted that, according to the latest notification from the Government of Mexico, Mexico City is at 11 points; that is, one point away from the green traffic light; the head of ADIP emphasized that the improvement in several indicators of the city continues.

"According to the last notification we received from the Government of Mexico, we received it yesterday, we continue in a yellow traffic light for at least two weeks, we are at 11 points; that is, one point away from green, we are already very close, it was by a few tenths in a couple of indicators, but fortunately the improvement continues in a good part of the indicators".

Until last Thursday, there were 2 thousand 66 hospitalized, 656 requiring intubation, a reduction of 12% in one week. "Hospital admissions with respect to this third wave have already been reduced by 68%", specified Eduardo Clark Garcia.

"As of today, in Mexico City, the most recent reliable data indicates 18 thousand active cases, compared to our maximum of 66 thousand; that is, a reduction of 73% with respect to the maximum number of active cases, which in this case we observed during the month of August of this year."

It is worth highlighting that, on average, less than 700 people are identified daily. "Yesterday we had 6.8 million people out of about 7.1 million people in the city with at least one dose, that is 95%", the ADIP official also mentioned.

The state of Mexico will also remain on a yellow light

The governor of the State of Mexico, Alfredo del Mazo, informed that the entity will continue in the yellow color of the epidemiological traffic light by COVID-19 for two more weeks. "We have been more than five weeks with a decrease in the rate of contagions and in the number of hospitalized patients". He highlighted the progress that has been made in the vaccination process with more than 14 million vaccines applied in the State of Mexico, which has led to a consecutive decrease in COVID-19 cases.