COVID-19: Mexico City to change to green status next week for first time in entire pandemic


In view of the drop in the number of hospitalizations due to COVID-19, Mexico City will change the color of its health indicator light starting next Monday, a change that will be made for the first time since the terrible pandemic began in the country. During a press conference, Eduardo Clark García, general director of the Digital Government of the Digital Agency for Public Innovation (ADIP), confirmed that the CDMX goes to green epidemiological semaphore (low risk of contagion), starting next week and after remaining a couple of weeks in yellow.

"This is a result of the improvement in the indicators that have already been released in previous weeks," said Clark Garcia. According to the statistics he presented, the number of hospitalizations marked a reduction of 144 people compared to the previous week, as on Friday, May 28, there were 759 admitted to clinics in the Mexico City metropolitan area, and today the figure is 655. While in the Metropolitan Zone of the Valley of Mexico, 1,014 people were hospitalized last Friday and so far 835 have been hospitalized, resulting in a drop of 179 hospitalized. "We are talking about a 7% overall occupancy rate and 9% in hospital beds," he said.

This is new news in view of the elections in the country, which will take place next June 6 and in the midst of the health contingency that continues to affect all of Mexico. At the moment, more than 661,440 people have tested positive for the coronavirus in the CDMX, as well as 43,926 deaths due to the same cause. Meanwhile, the head of the Digital Agency for Public Innovation, José Antonio Peña Merino, announced the new activities to be considered as of Monday, June 7, and in accordance with the program "Reactivate without risking", implemented by the government a few months ago to help the country's economy.

Starting June 14, sporting events will begin with 50% capacity, classes in gyms, and congresses or conventions. On June 24, entertainment events will start with 25% capacity, cinemas, and theaters with 50% capacity. Schools must be previously sanitized, prioritize open spaces, suspension of meetings, among others. In the case of hotels, some of the measures to be respected are the entry of up to 100 people in facilities, use of masks, hours of operation from 8:00 to 20:00 hours, and use of QR.

Claudia Sheinbaum, Mexico City's Chief of Government, asked citizens "not to lower their guard" and to maintain the care against the disease as they have been doing so far. "Entering the green traffic light does not mean that we can remove the mask or healthy distance, family gatherings, we must always have all precautionary measures given that the pandemic continues in the City. It is very good news that hospitalizations continue to decrease". Starting next week, the 40-49 years old sector will be vaccinated in four municipalities of the City, which are: Miguel Hidalgo, Álvaro Obregón, Tlalpan, and Tláhuac.

What are the changes in the activities?

On-site classes will be reactivated in schools. However, attendance will be voluntary and students will have to comply with the established sanitary measures such as mandatory use of masks, healthy distance, among others.

Face-to-face activity in workshops, cultural, community, and daycare centers.

Hotels will operate at 60% of their capacity.

Department stores, shopping centers, and businesses will work at 50% capacity.

Restaurants will be able to close until 12:00 midnight indoors.