AMLO: Vacancies, Aviation Security, and Mayan Marvels

Get an update on President AMLO's morning conference. From vacancies left by presidential candidates to aviation security and more, stay informed on Mexico's current affairs. Read now!

AMLO: Vacancies, Aviation Security, and Mayan Marvels
President AMLO addresses the media, sharing insights on vacancies left by presidential candidates and the need for a smooth transition of collaborators.

In his morning conference, President Andrés Manuel López Obrador (AMLO) touched on a variety of topics, from the upcoming vacancies left by presidential candidates to the state of the country's aviation security. With his signature style, AMLO entertained and informed the audience with his remarks and insightful comments.

Addressing the vacancies that will be left by prominent presidential aspirants, AMLO emphasized the importance of a "definitive rearrangement" of his collaborators to ensure a smooth transition until the end of his term. Praising the work of individuals like Claudia Sheinbaum Pardo and Marcelo Ebrard, AMLO expressed confidence that the departure of these presidential aspirants, whom he described as having the "highest moral level," would not be felt.

Turning his attention to the Congress of Nuevo León, AMLO denounced the formation of a block that was overstepping its boundaries and encroaching on the functions of the state's executive branch. Reminiscing about his own experiences with similar tactics, AMLO urged respect for the democratic process and warned against attempts to undermine the elected governor's authority.

Highlighting the drug-related violence in Guanajuato, AMLO emphasized the need to address the underlying causes rather than relying solely on coercive measures. He called for efforts to reduce the demand for addictive substances and lamented the lack of results from the state's prosecutor, suggesting that he may be "well protected."

In a lighthearted exchange, AMLO responded to the right of reply obtained by opposition senator Xóchitl Gálvez, stating that she should convene her own conferences instead of using the official morning conference as a campaigning platform. AMLO jokingly added that it would be the "last straw" if they were to campaign for the conservatives.

Addressing aviation safety, AMLO mentioned the ongoing review of Mexico's return to category 1 status in aviation security. While he didn't provide a specific deadline, he expressed satisfaction with his conversation with the U.S. Secretary of Transportation, emphasizing the respectful nature of their dialogue.

Discussing the troubled state of Mexicana de Aviación, AMLO expressed regret over the plight of the affected workers. He highlighted the possibility of rescuing the brand and delivering economic justice by distributing the assets among all workers. However, complications arose due to the demands of a group of lawyers representing 200 workers who sought more compensation than their colleagues.

Shifting his focus to the southern border, AMLO acknowledged the presence of organized crime and the need to combat drug trafficking. He called on local authorities and citizens to reject collusion with criminal elements and assured them of the government's commitment to maintaining security and improving living conditions in the region.

In a nostalgic moment, AMLO reflected on the empowerment of the people during the 2018 elections and the subsequent divorce between the people and the government. He considered the ongoing transformation process in Mexico as a "stellar moment" and pledged not to participate in public or political activities after his term ends.

Discussing the upcoming elections in 2024, AMLO celebrated the end of the "dedazo" system and the increased participation of individuals in the internal processes of different parties. He emphasized the importance of unity and expressed confidence in the polling method that Morena is likely to use to choose its presidential candidate.

Taking a swipe at the neoliberal period, AMLO highlighted the decline in the purchasing power of the minimum wage and questioned why people would want to return to a system that didn't favor them. He mentioned the increase in profit sharing for workers and criticized labor reforms implemented during that time.

On the topic of improvements to the health system, AMLO discussed the strengthening of Mexico's health system through increased scholarships for specialization, the hiring of retired IMSS specialists, and the elimination of corruption in the supply of medicines. He acknowledged the progress made in various states regarding the availability of medicines.

With a hint of economic insight, AMLO revealed that inflation in Mexico continued to fall and thanked shopping malls for lowering the prices of basic food items. He also celebrated the recovery of the peso, which reached 17.37 pesos per dollar.

Lastly, Diego Prieto, director of the National Institute of Anthropology and History (INAH), provided an update on the archaeological salvage being conducted in the Yucatan Peninsula due to the construction of the Mayan Train. He highlighted the progress made in the recovery of the El Meco archaeological site and outlined plans for its preservation and research.

President AMLO's morning conference covered a wide range of issues, providing the public with an informative glimpse into Mexico's current affairs. With his characteristic style and humor, AMLO left his audience both entertained and informed.