Yucatan consolidates its position in the aerospace industry by entering satellite manufacturing


The Governor of Yucatan, Mauricio Vila Dosal, signed a letter of intent with the Spanish company Deimos Elecnor Group to make an investment in aerospace and satellite in this state, for an approximate amount of 130 million dollars for, in its first stage, install a technological center in satellite and space, where 200 engineers will work directly and 600 people indirectly, in order to build communication and research satellites.

Yucatan consolidates its position in the aerospace industry by entering satellite manufacturing. Image: Pixabay
Yucatan consolidates its position in the aerospace industry by entering satellite manufacturing. Image: Pixabay

In addition, a new investment of 700 million dollars was made for the installation of two wind farms in the municipalities of Panabá and Sucilá, whose construction will generate a thousand new jobs in Yucatán.

With this type of investment, the result of the work mission carried out last June to Paris, France, during the 53rd International Paris Air Show 2019, Vila Dosal puts Yucatan at the forefront in aerospace, as it will be the first state in Mexico where communication and research satellites will be built, which means the consolidation of the state in the world of the aerospace industry.

Vila Dosal had a work agenda on Monday and Tuesday in Madrid and Puertollano, traveling back the same Tuesday to the city of Merida. The mission of the trip was to sign the letter of intent of this project that places Yucatan at the forefront in making investments of this level, not only in our country but in Latin America.

In the letter of intent, signed by Deimos Group Elecnor was in charge of Dr. Miguel Bello Mora CEO and witnessed by the mayor of Puertollano, Isabel Rodriguez Garcia, shows the legitimate interest in investing in Yucatan, previous studies of feasibility analysis and sustainability of the project. That is why they will be working with federal and state authorities in order to know all the procedures of Mexico in aerospace.

An investment of $700 million pesos was finalized

Vila Dosal also met with Francisco Javier Cruces López, general manager of Elecnor Infrastructures and Marco Antonio Morales Castillo, manager of Ibero-American Business Development to follow up on the agreement signed in the province of Puertollano and specify an investment of 700 million dollars for wind farms in Panabá and Sucilá, which will create 1,000 new jobs during the construction of the facilities. The energy generated by these complexes will be equivalent to the consumption of 500,000 homes.

Broadly speaking, the Spanish investment for the satellite manufacturing space center will be developed in approximately 2 years. The first year for the installation of the Space Center manufacturing the first satellites, taking into account that the elaboration of a satellite takes, more or less, two years.

These projects will generate highly paid jobs because they are specialized profiles such as engineers, programmers and those who read and interpret the images emitted by the satellite. The information gathered by the satellites could be used for coastal surveillance, security, searching for lost fishermen, vessel transit, etc. This information has infinite applications, which can be sold to entities or other countries, such as the Central and South American neighbors.

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