Mexico aerospace exports grow by 180%

The Mexican exports of the aerospace sector reached eight billion 600 million dollars during the past year. Sales of this sector abroad, 76 percent went to the United States, 6.1 percent to Canada and 5.9 percent to Germany.

In the last ten years, the country's aerospace exports grew 179.4 percent, the trade surplus doubled, while the gross domestic product (GDP) of the sector grew 145 percent in real terms. Of the 100 best aerospace companies in the world, 35 have a presence in Mexico.

All these data reflect the importance of the aerospace industry in Mexico, the enormous dynamism it has achieved in the last decade and the potential for growth towards the future.

Aerospace Fair of Mexico

The Aerospace Fair of Mexico is a commercial activity of the civil, military, security and defense aeronautical field, whose objective is to bring together the leaders of these sectors, in order to favor the commercial exchange and promote the growth of the national aerospace industry in the region.

For this FAMEX edition, more than 580 exhibitors of the sector participate; 48 educational institutions, and it has the presence of more than 60 aircraft.

The agenda of FAMEX activities also include business meetings (B2B) with more than six thousand representatives of companies in the sector, forums, more than 120 conferences with national and international panelists and other important events.

Mexico will present new devices

At the Famex 2019 Mexican Aerospace Fair, the country will present new devices, such as unmanned aircraft. One of the developments achieved by the Technological Research and Development Institute of the Mexican Navy is the new autonomous patrol reconnaissance tactical system.

Guest countries

The National Defense and the Mexican Federation of the Aerospace Industry had the initiative of having Canada as "invited guest of honor" in the Famex 2019. Other attending countries are the USA, France, China and Russia, Israel, and Finland, which will participate in academic conferences to promote the training of personnel working in the aeronautical and space field, among others.

The Brazilian State Aeronautical Company (Embraer), with almost 50 years of experience in production and one of the largest in the world, also confirmed its attendance. Embraer, which has a 5,000-meter-long runway, the third largest in the world, will present its commercial, military, executive and fumigation aircraft manufacturing projects.

Famex 2019 also invited companies from the automotive sector to take advantage of the opportunity granted to companies that intend to migrate to the aerospace sector in a "Migration Pavilion", and to the seminar "Opportunities for the Aeronautical Sector" given by the Federal Secretary of Economy and the Mexico-US Foundation for Science.

Attendees will be able to participate in some 6,000 business meetings that will take place with the more than 580 companies participating in the Famex 2019. Among the shows include the demonstration of the A-10 Thunderbolt II, the launching of aero troops and an air show on the last day of the fair. The fair will have the participation of 40 countries, dozens of universities, 620 exhibitors and expects to receive more than 220,000 visitors.

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