The 2022 NFL season features several Mexican players

Numerous Mexican football players are participating in the exciting 2022 season of the National Football League of the United States.

The 2022 NFL season features several Mexican players
That's right, in 2022 the NFL features a group of Mexican athletes. Photo by Adrian Curiel / Unsplash

After four weeks of activity in the NFL regular season, the fight for the postseason begins to get interesting and it is time to review the Mexicans who participate in the most important American footbal league on the planet.

Isaac Alarcón

The offensive lineman is in his third season in the league's international program. He is on the third team of the Dallas Cowboys and is an important player from Tec de Monterrey.

Alfredo Gutierrez

Like Isaac, Alfredo reached the NFL international program due to his participation in the Tec de Monterrey, he is also a lineman and is living his second season with the San Francisco 49ers.

Will Hernandez

He is an offensive lineman for the Arizona Cardinals and will be in Mexico City for the game that will be played at the Azteca Stadium during week 11 of the regular season.

Michael Davis

The Chargers cornerback has already played at the Azteca Stadium. He did it in 2019 against the Kansas City Chiefs. Davis is in Brando Staley's defensive rotation.

Chris Olave

He was born in San Ysidro, California, just a few yards from the Tijuana border. His father is Mexican and he became a first-round pick when he joined the New Orleans Saints, where he plays wide receiver.

Malcolm Rodriguez

His father is Mexican and his family owns a Mexican food restaurant. He was born in Wagoner, Oklahoma and was a sixth-round pick as a rookie linebacker by the Detroit Lions. He is currently on the second defensive unit.

Chris Steele

Is on the Miami Dolphins practice squad. During his time as a collegian, he was part of the Southern California Trojans and his family had to emigrate from Michoacán to look for a better opportunity in life.

Matt Corral

He was a fourth-round pick out of Ole Miss by the Carolina Panthers. He is currently the team's fourth quarterback, but is on injured reserve at the position owned by Baker Mayfield.