Newsletter: The Best of Mexicanist This Week

Mexicanist editors compile and pick the most noteworthy stories in this latest roundup.

Newsletter: The Best of Mexicanist This Week
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Welcome to Mexicanist, a free newsletter covering all things Mexico and beyond. In this most recent collection, Mexicanist editors have compiled and selected the most interesting articles.

Mexican 5G Dash: Boosting Connections & Revenues to the Next Level

Discover how the faster rollout of 5G networks in Mexico is set to revolutionize the internet access market with a predicted 4% annual growth from 2023 to 2026. Learn about the impact on industries and the potential growth of technologies like AI and the metaverse.

Uber vs. Cabbies: A Battle for the Streets in Cancun, Mexico

The U.S. Embassy in Mexico has issued a security advisory warning American citizens of the potential dangers they may face due to the ongoing conflicts between traditional taxi drivers and ride-hailing services like Uber and Cabify in Quintana Roo, Mexico.

Stay up to date on the legal battle of Ovidio Guzmán López, the son of notorious drug lord "El Chapo", as he fights against extradition to the US on international drug trafficking charges.

Mexico's Fintech Frenzy: 650 Companies and Counting

Discover the explosive growth of the fintech industry in Mexico, with a 26% increase in the number of companies and a thriving entrepreneurial sector. Learn about the sectors driving growth and the economic prospects for fintechs in 2023.

Where to Go and What to Do on Cancun's Kukulkan Avenue

Many of Cancun's most popular attractions and activities can be found along Kukulkan Avenue, also known as Boulevard Kukulkan, a major road in the city's hotel zone. Here are a few examples of well-liked tourist attractions and their featured activities.

The Billion-Dollar Latin Family Empires Leading the Family Business Index

Discover the top 34 family-owned companies in Latin America and their impact on the global economy. Mexico and Brazil lead the way, with powerhouses like América Móvil, JBS Group, and Technit leading the charge. Explore the rankings and success of these family empires.

Savor the Seafood & Veggie Delights of Aguascalientes

Discover the delicious seafood and vegetable recipes of Aguascalientes. From sardine empanadas to red snapper with potatoes, these traditional dishes showcase the unique flavors and techniques of the region. Suitable for all levels of cooking, our collection includes both local fish and vegetables.

FTIs vs Fintechs: Understanding the Key Differences

Explore the differences between Financial Technology Institutions (FTIs) and fintech companies in Mexico. Learn about regulation, complaint processes, and the number of companies in each sector in this comprehensive guide.

Moo-ving on Up: How Chia Seeds are Making Dairy Cows Superheroes

Researchers are developing a project to use chia seeds as an alternative feed for dairy cattle. The goal is to show that milk from cows fed pellets made from chia seeds is a useful product.

Oscar “El Lobo” Nava Valencia Spills the Beans on Narco-Corruption

Get the latest update on the ongoing trial as a former capo Oscar “El Lobo” Nava Valencia testifies about giving millions of dollars in bribes to high-ranking government officials.

Watch Castle Climber Punished: Tourist Climbs Chichén Itzá and Gets a Penalty Stick

A Polish tourist climbed the steps of Chichén Itzá's Kukulcán Castle, violating rules and inciting a punishment from fellow tourists. He was fined and had to delete his photos taken at the site.

Steaming into Purity: The Ancient Temazcal Ritual for Mind and Spirit

Discover the ancient pre-Hispanic ritual of Temazcal, a steam bath that purifies the mind and spirit. Learn about its history and benefits. Experience the traditional practice in various destinations in Mexico today.

Revolutionizing Protein for Special Needs: Innovations in Essential Amino Acid Production

Researchers are creating a protein that contains the right amount of essential amino acids to help older individuals and those with difficulty digesting natural protein sources get the nutrition they need. This innovative technology has caught the attention of a US investment fund.

Tips for Couples Booking a Hotel in Cancun

This article will provide a brief overview of the most important factors to think about when booking a hotel in Cancun for a romantic getaway with your significant other.

Doing Business in Mexico Pros and Cons

Explore the benefits and challenges of expanding your business in Mexico. Learn about the country's strong points, including its favorable geography, demographic, and economy, as well as potential drawbacks like fraud and corruption, slow registrations, and government regulations. Make an informed decision with our comprehensive guide to doing business in Mexico.

The Martian Varnish Quest to Uncover Life's Footprints on the Red Planet

Discover the quest to find life on Mars by analyzing varnish on rocks in desert environments in Mexico. Researchers are on the hunt for biomarkers in varnish with high concentrations of manganese.

Cancun's Water Quality in Serious Jeopardy: Study Reveals Contamination

"Right to a Healthy Environment" presents a study showing serious contamination conditions in lagoons, groundwater, and coastal areas of Cancun.

Early Menarche in Girls Linked to Increased Symptoms of Depression and Anxiety: Study

Early menarche can trigger symptoms of depression and anxiety in young girls, as well as lead to addictions, alcohol use, and self-harm. Families and educators are urged to provide support and guidance during this crucial stage of development.

How Shock Waves Revolutionize Biotechnology and Pharmaceuticals

Learn about the groundbreaking research on using shock waves for the efficient extraction of phytochemicals and the genetic transformation of fungi in the pharmaceutical industry. A new method of "shaving" fungal spores holds great potential.

Mexico's Marine Marvels of Biodiversity & Beyond

Discover Mexico's thriving oceanic and coastal regions, home to diverse marine ecosystems and species, and a source of food and environmental services. Learn about the efforts to protect and preserve these precious resources.

Current Cancun Seaweed Status and Beach Conditions

Learn about the problem of seaweed (sargassum) in Cancun, Mexico, and the efforts being made by the city and local businesses to remove it and prevent it from washing ashore. Stay informed on the latest Cancun seaweed conditions, updates, and maps.

Snore-Busting Myths and Misconceptions: Clearing Up the Confusion Around Sleep Disorders

Sleep disorders, such as obstructive sleep apnea syndrome and snoring, are often misdiagnosed due to misconceptions surrounding snoring and alcohol consumption. A specialist at the Sleep Disorders Clinic of UNAM, explains the causes and risks of these disorders and offers tips for avoiding snoring.

Glossary of the Cuisine of Aguascalientes: A Guide to the Region's Unique Ingredients and Dishes

Explore the unique ingredients and dishes of Aguascalientes cuisine with this comprehensive glossary. From the Ahuate thorn to the Capirotada dessert, discover the flavors and textures of traditional dishes and ingredients found in the region's cuisine.

Tune Up Your Brain: The Musical Journey from Listening to Playing

Discover how musical practice alters the brain's structure and function. Find out how the brain works, what happens when you specialize in an instrument, and how your feelings change when you listen to music.

The Birth and Evolution of Mexico's First Printing Press

Mexico's first national printing press, from its establishment after independence to its pivotal role in promoting the freedom of printing and documenting the country's governance. Discover the challenges and achievements of the Imprenta Nacional del Supremo Gobierno de los Estados Unidos Mexicanos.

Feathered Heritage: The Quest to Promote Turkey Consumption in Mexico

Discover the rich history and cultural significance of the turkey in Mexico, and learn about the current efforts to promote its consumption and preservation as a vital source of meat and national heritage.


Mexico's Treasured Ceramics Through Time and Artistry

Mexican ceramics is a rich and diverse form of indigenous artistic expression that has evolved over centuries. It has roots in the ancient Mexican civilizations, which created numerous ceramic pieces for both practical and ceremonial uses with much imagination and creativity. With the arrival of Spanish and European influences, the tradition expanded, with new techniques and styles being introduced. Today, Mexican ceramics are produced all over the country, with different regions showcasing their unique styles, techniques, and themes. This introduction talks about some of the best places for Mexican ceramics, like the states of Guanajuato, Guerrero, Jalisco, and others, as well as some of the most important cities in these states.

Discovering Chetumal Along the Bay and Hondo River

Chetumal, founded in 1898, is a young city located on the border between Mexico and Belize. Despite its youth, the city offers many interesting attractions and sights for travelers to explore. From the bay of Chetumal and the Hondo River to the cultural diversity of a border town, Chetumal is a destination worth visiting. This guide will take you on a 130-kilometer (81 miles) journey from Oxtankah to La Union, highlighting notable stops along the way such as the archaeological zone of Oxtankah and the seafood restaurants of Calderitas. Join us as we embark on this journey through the charming and unique city of Chetumal.