Dollar in Mexico today: Mexican peso to US dollar exchange rate USD/MXN


In the last year, the US dollar has reached a maximum of 19.89 Mexican pesos, while its lowest level has been 19.76 Mexican pesos. The U.S. dollar is closer to its low than its high.

USD/MXN Price Today. Image: Pixabay
USD/MXN Price Today. Image: Pixabay

The US dollar is traded at 12:00 noon at 19.76 Mexican pesos, a slight -0.15% change from the previous session. Considering the last week, the US dollar marks a drop of 0.75%, so in year-on-year terms, it still has a 10.2% decline.

Start of the trading session with hardly any alterations.

As for the changes of this day with respect to previous days, accumulates two consecutive sessions in decline. The figure of volatility is significantly lower than the data achieved for last year (17.39%), which shows that we can say that is going through a period of greater stability in recent times.