Dollar in Mexico today: Mexican peso to US dollar exchange rate USD/MXN

In the face of inflation and the Fed's decisions, the Mexican peso continues to maintain its volatility with respect to the price of the dollar.

Dollar in Mexico today: Mexican peso to US dollar exchange rate USD/MXN
MXN cuts a losing streak by recovering ground against the price of the dollar. Image: Pixabay

A new week begins in the Mexican stock market, marked mainly by the volatility of the Mexican peso concerning the price of the dollar. At the beginning of the day, the national currency continues to trade above 20 units amid speculation about the decisions to be made by the Federal Reserve (Fed) and today, Monday, July 25, it is averaging 20.53. This translates into a gain of 10 cents compared to how much it was worth at the close of the week in the different exchange rates.

Specialized portals and Mexico's main banks have already published the value of the dollar at the opening of this week, so it is now possible to know which institution offers the best option for buying and selling. This Monday, July 25, the U.S. currency has a lower cost for transactions at Banorte, while at HSBC it is quoted with the highest. Meanwhile, the Bank of Mexico released a FIX exchange rate at 20.51 pesos, also showing a slight increase.

Price of the dollar in different exchange rates

Afirme: the dollar is 19.60 for purchase and 21.00 for sale in Mexico.

Banco Azteca: today, Monday, July 25, the exchange rate is 19.45 pesos for purchase and 20.49 for sale.

Banco Base: the dollar price is 20.43 pesos for purchase and sale.

Banorte: the exchange rate is 19.35 pesos for purchase and 20.80 for sale in Mexico.

BBVA: the exchange rate is 19.73 pesos for purchase and 20.99 for sale on July 25.

Banamex: the dollar is 19.90 Mexican pesos for purchase and 21.03 for sale.

HSBC: the dollar is worth 20.06 Mexican pesos today, Monday, July 25, for 20.80 Mexican pesos for purchase and 20.80 for sale.

Scotiabank: the price of the dollar is 20.04 Mexican pesos for purchase and 20.81 pesos for sale.

On the other hand, the Official Journal of the Federation (DOF) and the Tax Administration Service (SAT) announced the value of the dollar, which is quoted at an average of 20.51 pesos for purchase and sale to open today, July 25.

The Mexican peso remains volatile due to inflation speculation

Analysts and experts speculate on a week of ups and downs for the Mexican peso compared to the price of the dollar. The upcoming decisions of the Federal Reserve (Fed) in the United States regarding the increase in benchmark interest rates to mitigate the effect of inflation, will directly influence the cost; which at least this Monday, July 25, presented a minimum decrease.

"The sideways behavior of the exchange rate is a sign of caution among market participants due to nervousness about the lack of dynamism in economic activity," explained Banco Base.

The value of the national currency could also be affected by the energy dispute within the framework of the T-MEC, which exists in North America and Canada.