Latest Mexico News Highlights on 29 March 2023

Stay up to date with the latest news from Mexico. From urgent cultural change to benefit trans people to demands for justice for the tragic deaths of 38 migrants, this article covers a range of topics on the latest happenings in Mexico.

Latest Mexico News Highlights on 29 March 2023
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A micro-quake rocked Álvaro Obregón yesterday, but despite being of tiny proportions, the impact has left locals shaken. Meanwhile, a more significant quake in Mexico's social justice landscape continues, as the UNAM calls for urgent cultural change to benefit trans people. The INE, on the other hand, is facing backlash for its members receiving over 10 million pesos upon leaving office, prompting criticism from President AMLO.

Animal welfare has also come to the forefront, as 390 animals were rescued and 46 people arrested for animal abuse in the State of Mexico in the last year. However, it's the tragic deaths of 38 migrants in a fire that have sparked protests and demands for justice, with both Brazil and civil organizations calling for greater respect for migrants' rights. President AMLO has asked the FGR to investigate the incident, but some organizations are holding the state responsible.

Meanwhile, a daycare center in Tlalpan has been closed after allegations of baby abuse, leading to police intervention and protests from parents. The PAN has even demanded the resignation of two officials for an "evident State crime," while a court has invalidated the military's power to geolocate civilians in real time.

In a more bizarre incident, a cab driver was forced to remove stickers promoting violence against women, while former President Vicente Fox has controversially defended García Luna, claiming he "did a very good job." Amidst the chaos, officials are clarifying roles, with Adán Augusto stating that Ebrard is in charge of the immigration issue. With so much happening, it's clear that Mexico is a country in flux, where change, whether cultural or political, is very much needed.