Latest Mexico News Highlights on 27 March 2023

Stay up-to-date with the latest news in Mexico! From AI training for Mayan Train drivers to controversies surrounding TikTok and the INE, we keep you informed.

Latest Mexico News Highlights on 27 March 2023
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To modernize its transportation system, the Mexican government has announced plans to train the drivers of the Mayan Train with artificial intelligence. The move has been met with mixed reactions, with some applauding the government's efforts to stay ahead of the curve, while others express concerns about the potential risks associated with AI technology.

Meanwhile, a mother in Mexico City is making headlines after admitting to beating her daughter to teach her how to defend herself against bullies. While some are calling her methods extreme, others are applauding her for taking action to protect her child.

In other news, a trailer crashed into a bus in the state of Mexico, causing passengers to fly off the bus. The incident has sparked concerns about the safety of Mexico's roads, and officials are urging drivers to exercise caution while on the road.

Despite concerns in the US, Mexican President AMLO has ruled out banning TikTok. The popular social media platform has come under fire in recent months for its data privacy policies, but AMLO insists that it is not a threat to national security.

Former presidential candidate Anaya has criticized the burning of a minister's effigy in Zócalo, calling it a sign of political instability. Meanwhile, AMLO has been discussing plans to build more solar plants in Sonora with US climate envoy John Kerry.

Constellation Brands has been given six more months to move to Veracruz, while AMLO has expressed confidence that any candidate from the National Electoral Institute (INE) would be better than the current ones. However, tensions between the presidency and the INE continue to mount, with the presidency challenging AMLO's suspension of Plan B.

In other news, the mayor and councilmen of Santa María Temaxcaltepec have tragically died in an accident, while Sandra Cuevas has traveled to Uruguay to visit former president Pepe Mujica. Environmental concerns are also in the spotlight, with an Environmental Contingency in the Valley of Mexico set to be maintained this Monday.

Finally, those close to the 4T are seeking to integrate the INE's General Council, while the CNDH has accused Marines of torturing detainees and forcing them to incriminate themselves. With so much going on, it's clear that Mexico remains a country in transition, with plenty of challenges and opportunities on the horizon.