Latest Mexico News Highlights on 17 March 2023

Stay informed on the latest news from Mexico, where tragedy and controversy continue to dominate headlines. Discover updates on drug seizures, missing Americans, and tragic incidents like murders and explosions.

Latest Mexico News Highlights on 17 March 2023
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The news in Mexico is a mix of tragedy and controversy, with several serious incidents and scandals being reported. In several states, drugs have been detected in parcels, with over 118 packages of marijuana seized by the National Guard with the help of 'lomitos.' Meanwhile, more than 500 Americans have been reported missing in Mexico, with an FBI alert for the abduction of a U.S. citizen in Colima.

Tragic incidents have also been reported, including the murder of a police officer in Zacatecas, bringing the total to nine this year. A teenager was shot to death after showing off a gun to her cousins, while Norma Lizbeth, a student who was a victim of bullying, died from a blow to the head. In Metepec, a powder magazine exploded, killing one person.

Controversial stories have also been reported, with serious irregularities detected in a manufacturing company in Coahuila, and the arrest of another person implicated in an alleged real estate corruption network in Benito Juárez. Bertha Alcalde and Netzaí Sandoval remain in the race to become INE councilors, with Córdova set to receive 1.9 million in compensation upon leaving INE. Córdova has also spoken out, warning that "the threat to democracy comes from the same political power."

In Yucatán, Wendy was located safe and well, while in Toluca, a 'fake' animal protector was arrested after 39 lomitos and michis were rescued from mistreatment. The National Guard has also asked the Supreme Court to put limits on military jurisdiction, as a UN study shows cartels operate in a network to send cocaine to the US.

Finally, Cofepris has approved the use of tesofensine to treat obesity, but the head canceled a last-minute meeting with the Chamber of Deputies. In Oaxaca, a cab driver who abused a 4-year-old girl has been sentenced to 12 years in prison, while Encinas sees the arrest of the murderer of two Jesuits in Chihuahua as close at hand.