Latest Mexico News Highlights on 16 March 2023

Get the latest Mexican news on the fentanyl ban, Dos Bocas refinery, child marriage reform, armed groups in Chiapas, and LGBTQ+ rights progress in Guanajuato in this summary of recent headlines.

Latest Mexico News Highlights on 16 March 2023
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Updates on current events in three different regions of Mexico: National, Cancun, and Puerto Vallarta. In National, various issues are highlighted, including the Dos Bocas refinery project, drug-related violence, and the government's efforts to combat forced child marriages.

In Cancun, concerns over tax evasion and low wages are raised, while infrastructure projects and tourism development offer potential for economic growth.

Finally, in Puerto Vallarta, the city's commerce, tourism, environment, and security are discussed, with updates on business aid, municipal tourism, and incidents of assault.