Latest Mexico News Highlights on 11 April 2023

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Latest Mexico News Highlights on 11 April 2023
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In a surprising turn of events, a recent fire in the Central de Abasto in Mexico City was reportedly caused by a drug dealer, according to the Prosecutor's Office. The fire caused chaos and confusion among the vendors and buyers in the market, but thankfully, no one was seriously injured.

Meanwhile, the country continues to struggle with the issue of migration. In San Luis Potosi, 86 migrants were rescued and a trafficking network was revealed. However, President AMLO also reported that migrants were kidnapped in the same area for ransom, highlighting the dangers and complexities of the situation.

Despite these challenges, the government seems to be making some progress in regulating and supporting migrants. The National Migration Institute (INM) announced that 1,360 migrants have received regularization documents, which will help them access essential services and avoid deportation.

However, there are still concerns about the treatment of migrants and the need for greater accountability. Reports have emerged about anomalies in the INM, and activists are calling for the creation of an autonomous entity for migrants. Meanwhile, rumors abound about hundreds of migrants attempting to cross the border into the US, adding to the urgency of the issue.

In other news, the country is grappling with violence and unrest. Two men were murdered in a Morelia restaurant, and a human head was left in front of a women's prison in Oaxaca. Meanwhile, the anniversary of Emiliano Zapata's death was commemorated with protests in Oaxaca.

Despite these challenges, there are also moments of inspiration and hope. Pope Francis is being hailed as a saint by President AMLO, and wild animals found in Huixquilucan were taken into custody and will hopefully be rehabilitated and released.