Mexico News by Mexicanist on 03 May 2023

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Mexico News by Mexicanist on 03 May 2023
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In a court session scheduled for May 4, a bill aimed at invalidating Mexico's "Plan B" will be reviewed. The controversial plan, which allows for the consumption of small amounts of drugs without criminal consequences, has been a topic of heated debate among lawmakers and citizens alike.

Meanwhile, the identification process of the victims of a tragic accident in Nayarit continues. Out of the 18 people who lost their lives, 17 have been identified. The incident, which occurred on a highway, has brought sorrow and mourning to the families affected.

In Guerrero, the authorities seized 12 collector's vehicles from the notorious criminal group Familia Michoacana. The luxury cars, which were reportedly used by the gang's leaders, will be transferred to Mexico City for further investigation.

It has been two years since Metro Line 12 collapsed in Mexico City, which claimed the lives of 26 people. The District Attorney's Office has signed 117 reparation agreements with the victims, providing some semblance of justice to those affected by the tragedy.

Unfortunately, violence continues to plague some regions of Mexico. In Michoacan, eight suspected criminals were killed in a gun battle with the authorities. Meanwhile, a teenage mother in the state of Mexico was arrested for beating her baby to death, highlighting the urgent need for better protection of vulnerable children.

A shooting at a funeral in a Mexico City cemetery left one person dead, adding to the growing list of violent incidents in the capital. Speaking of violence, the authorities in Tamaulipas have identified territorial disputes as the cause of the ongoing violence in the region.

In a surprising move, Martha Delgado has resigned from her post as Mexico's Deputy Secretary for Multilateral Affairs and Human Rights to join Marcelo Ebrard's political campaign. The former diplomat has been a vocal advocate for human rights defenders and journalists in the country.

In other news, a man's day at the beach in Tijuana turned into a nightmare after he suffered a brutal dog attack. Meanwhile, 139 migrants were found inside a cargo truck in yet another incident that highlights the challenges faced by those seeking a better life in Mexico.

Finally, according to INAI, bullying is on the rise in Mexico. The agency reported a significant increase in complaints related to bullying and harassment, pointing to the need for greater efforts to address this pervasive issue.